Anna Bullard: Split Heart

No one moment on Split Heart really reaches out and grabs you; instead, the album ends up being the best kind of background music, like a soundtrack for your daily comings and goings.

Freeden Oeur

Lucinda Williams

Judging by this concert, Williams seems to have emerged unscathed from the demons that used to torment her. She sang with an easygoing grace. The edginess that once made her concerts dangerous was no longer present. It was clear Williams was having a good time and enjoyed performing to an appreciative audience.

Steven Horowitz

Lucinda Williams

Resident fan-rankler Vijith Assar takes a country legend to task for distracting orchestration and overbearing activism. In love with Lucinda? Check back Monday for a contrasting view.

Vijith Assar

Lucinda Williams: West

In her search for something "mature yet hip", Williams seems to have forgotten that there's nothing more mature, more hip, or indeed more totally happening than the magic that occurs when she plays country. Pedal steel guitar and all.

Roger Holland
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