Lykke Li's 'so sad so sexy' Is As Advertised

On so sad so sexy, Swedish pop singer Lykke Li has created mood music that works as well as a breakup album as it does a warm-up for the club.


Lykke Li: Wounded Rhymes

If there was any justice in the world, Lykke Li would be our most valued Swedish import, not Steig Larsson. If her stunning second album is any indication, justice may soon be served.


Kleerup: Kleerup

Kleerup has the potential to be one of the best dance producers alive... he just has to learn how to grow first.

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Lykke Li - "Tonight" (video)


Lykke Li + Friendly Fires

Live, Lykke Li is a show of force, and during an hour of mesmerizing, artfully arranged originals and a few covers, she confirmed there's plenty of teeth behind her tweeness -- and piquancy, too.

Chad Berndtson

CMJ Music Marathon 2008 Day 1: Lykke Li

Words and Pictures by Thomas Hauner


Lykke Li: Little Bit EP

The Little Bit EP is a nice little introduction to the quirky, apple-cheeked Swedish pop sensation.

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Theresa Andersson, Lykke Li, Amy Ray...


Lykke Li: Youth Novels

However you pronounce her name, it's one of the finest debuts of the year so far. But if you're particular, just go with "Luke-y Lee".

Adrien Begrand
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