In Nickelodeon's 'Rocko's Modern Life', Corporations Steal Our Souls to Enchant Their Commodities

In a society of things, social responsibility requires a recognition of the influence of commodities upon our most foundational spiritual experiences. Nickelodeon's animated series, Rocko's Modern Life, puts it simply.


'Dreadful Young Ladies and Other Stories' Applies Description Masterfully

Kelly Barnhill's collection of stories is entertainingly subversive and often questions normative culture.


Will the Oscars Be a 'Starry Night' for 'Loving Vincent', the First Fully Painted Animation Film?

This unusual rotoscope film captures Vincent van Gogh's art beautifully. But does it capture the mysterious van Gogh himself?


The Valley Unpleasant in 'Mount Pleasant'

Ruined by blind ambition, Mount Pleasant stands as a cautionary tale to any writer possessed of more aspiration than art.


Why Magical Realism Works in 'Papo & Yo'

It's interesting that the medium of games, which has often learned much of its storytelling technique from film, might be a more viable inheritor of the magical realist tradition than other mediums.


The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

Baker's story doesn't race towards a tense conclusion, but instead telegraphs its punches and eases into the inevitable.


The Amnesiac by Sam Taylor

An intricately plotted, existential thriller like a house of cards -- one in which readers would be more than happy to linger.

Peter Swanson

Interfictions by Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss

What struck me most about these "interfictions," however, was their striking similarity, rather than their difference.

Mikita Brottman
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