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Mister Heavenly: Out of Love

Sub-Pop doo-wop for an indie-rock sock hop from the Unicorns' Nick Thorburn and Man Man’s piano-puncher Ryan "Honus Honus" Kattner.


Man Man: 13 December 2008 - Sydney

If you’ve spent some time with Man Man’s music you might be a little apprehensive venturing to their live show. Is it going to be a simple get-down? Or are they asking something more of us?

Dan Raper

Man Man: Rabbit Habits

As musically rambunctious and jubilant as Man Man’s earlier releases, but underneath its trademark cacophony is some of the darkest subject matter the band has tackled to date.

Gabriel Baker

Man Man + Who Shot Hollywood: 5 October 2007 - Northampton, MA

Man Man is, if anything, still evolving, and, these days, you better be prepared for a surprise -- especially when the time comes to play new songs.

Jennifer Kelly

Man Man + Deerhunter: 10 July 2007 - Philadelphia

It was the hottest night of the Philadelphia summer, with the temperature barely creeping down from the day’s high of 98 degrees, and I was about to walk into an inferno...

Anita Schillhorn

Man Man: Six Demon Bag

Metamasculine Philly band Man Man leads a funeral march into regions of your heart that don't yet exist.

J. Santos Suarez

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