Perfume Genius Purges Himself and It's Contagious

You need to care so much about your art to pack this much meaning into not only the words, but the tones that adorn and deliver them. Perfume Genius cares so much it hurts on Set My Heart on Fire Immediately.


Stephen Malkmus Goes Folk on 'Traditional Techniques'

Stephen Malkmus' Traditional Techniques melds folk-rock flavoring with junk-food surrealism delivered through his characteristic brand of irony.


Art and Politics Go Hand in Hand on Algiers' 'There Is No Year'

Algiers are what would result if Verso Books turned into an art rock band. This is a very good thing.


Indie Rockers Spoon Issue a Greatest Hits Collection

Amidst a tour opening for Beck and Cage the Elephant, Spoon will release a greatest hits collection in August that's a wonderful overview of their music.


Car Seat Headrest Commit Themselves Completely on Their Live Release

Car Seat Headrest leader Will Toledo selected nine songs from over 50 gigs from around the globe recorded during 2018 for the band's new live recording.


Boygenius Provide Formal and Emotional Strength on Their Self-Titled EP

The supergroup trio boygenius blend their individual styles into a powerful and moving collaboration.


Kurt Vile's 'Bottle It In' Is a Real Grower

Kurt Vile's Bottle It In is almost as long as some major studio movies, but Bottle It In rewards patient listeners with some dazzling highlights that reveal themselves with each listen.


Matthew Cutter Chronicles the Ordinary/ Extraordinary Life of Robert Pollard

On the lo-fi high jinks of unlikely alt-rock legend, Guided by Voices' Robert Pollard.


Interpol and the Search for High-decibel Euphoria on 'Marauder'

Even when Interpol tries to change up the formula, they can't help but sound like themselves on Marauder.


Body/Head Rip Up the Playbook with 'The Switch'

The new studio offering from Kim Gordon and Bill Nace offers an experience that's less tied to the raw emotions of the past and more focused on the exacting, brilliant technical and compositional skills of its creators.


Liz Phair Is Still Amplifying Her Voice, 25 Years After Her Debut LP

In a new interview, Liz Phair looks back on her first four albums, the legacy of Exile in Guyville, and being an inspiration to today's female songwriters.


How Liz Phair Challenged the Rock Patriarchy With 'Exile in Guyville'

The fact that Exile in Guyville's music and lyrics are timeless – that it could even be made in 2018 and still sound relevant – only further enhances its stature as a bonafide classic.


Snail Mail's Debut Album Has Three Great Songs

Which unfortunately means it also has seven less than great songs.


Stephen Malkmus' 'Sparkle Hard' Slips Out of Twisting Plot Traps As Nonchalantly As It Slides Around Rigid Logic

The indie rock statesman Stephen Malkmus hones his sleight-of-hand rock on a fiery collection of songs for Sparkle Hard.


Chavez: Cockfighters

Twenty years later, the New York foursome's new EP does little more than make long-time fans yearn for their older material.


"No One Creates Art in a Vacuum": An Interview with Car Seat Headrest

One of the most promising indie songwriters in a generation, Car Seat Headrest's Will Toledo talks about revisiting old material, living a modern life abutting Colonial Williamsburg, and the way that artists have always built on each other's ideas ... or at least until now.

Jennifer Kelly

Cloud Nine: Interview with Hælos

They broke on Soundcloud and are being hailed as a successor to the sound of trip-hop greats like Massive Attack. But HÆLOS are out to craft a legacy all their own.

Sara Rodrigues
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