By the Book: I'd Fight the World: A Political History of Old-Time, Hillbilly, and Country Music

I'd Fight the World explores the connection between country music and electoral politics, giving us a glimpse into how politicians used celebrity long before the rise of the "movie-actor president" and the "Twitter president".


'Confidential Confidential' Analyzes Scandal, Libel, and '50s-era Celebrity Culture

Samantha Barbas' Confidential Confidential brings to mind Fox News, Donald Trump, and the current American cultural-political climate of lies and hysteria.


'Trump and the Media': Work-in-Progress Dispatches from a Sinking Ship

The warning signs of a failing media system have always been there. This MIT Press collection of media scholars and activists casts light on recent media history and where it's taking us.


Why Does Anyone Turn to a Michael Moore Film?

From Bowling for Columbine to the recent Fahrenheit 11/9, one wonders, what is being validated in Michael Moore films?


Video-idiocy? No, 'Videocracy' Celebrates the Bright Side of YouTube Indulgence

Against the constant distaste for and dismay about social media, Videocracy gives readers a series of anecdotes that connect YouTube to the goodness of being human.


Here to Stay? The Neil Young Archives

Combining his punk ethos and tech savvy in this new online archive, Neil Young has to choose what archival releases add new understanding, new angles on the story, new points of emphasis in his own history -- and which do not.


Informed or Inflamed? Author Steve Almond Talks About How We Consume Trump

With the recent release of Bad Stories: What the Hell Just Happened to Our Country, Steve Almond talks in-depth about the US president whom most parents wouldn't even let on the playground -- and about his beef with the American left.


How Has Taking Offense Become a Political Tool?

Hate Spin examines how politicians use the fundamentals of democracy to spread hate for personal gain.


It Only Looks Like Truth If You Believe It 'Control Room' Reminds Us

As we encounter so many broken promises, dangerous corruptions, and increasing assaults on journalism, Control Room's arguments about and insights into war and media only seem more acute, and tragically, lasting.


Is Journalism's Fear of Bias Worse Than Bias Itself?

Linda Greenhouse, one of America's top journalists takes aim at some of the field's worst and most outdated habits in Just a Journalist.


It's All True!: Weston Magazines and Wrestling's "Creative Journalism"

Stanley Weston's small pre-WWF line of wrestling magazines featured writing staffs that made up pull-quotes and headlines on the spot. Just what fans were clamoring for.


When Kendrick Lamar Hits NPR, We All Win

When everyone feels they can be an expert, how do you reassert your ownership over a topic? By waiting for its crossover moment.


The Essays in 'Sex Scene' Are as Vivid and Provocative as One Would Hope

Sex Scene offers a new angle for examining the "longest revolution", and demonstrates the profound ability of the media to influence how we think, and what we think about.


First They Came for the Books and I Did Not Speak Out

American journalist Max Lerner claimed "to reject the word is to reject the human search." Under the Third Reich, the book industry faced its own destruction, leaving the people with empty words bursting with Nazi propaganda.


In Defense of Newspapers

It seems that with each passing fiscal quarter, media-watchers love to pound another nail into print journalism's coffin.


A Dearth of Contrition in 'Fishtown'

Kevin Colden's Fishtown tells the story of a real-life Philadelphia murder and a jarring scarcity of contrition.


Gripping Reportage in 'Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt'

Eisner Award winner Joe Sacco joins reporter Chris Hedges to survey U.S. poverty and economic despair in Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt.


Truth is Fiction: The Work of Haskell Wexler, Part 2, 'Medium Cool'

Medium Cool is the ultimate amalgamation of reality and illusion. Fictional characters live in real situations; real characters exist in fictional situations.


Hollywood's Steep Hills: Gender Inequality and 'Miss Representation'

Gender inequality in Hollywood reigns supreme, but as Miss Representation shows, the male/female binary is so insidious that it even makes its way into productions that aim to counter it.


Show and Tell: On Words and Images in Comics

While there are prose books that use pictures for illustrative purposes, only in comics are stories actively told through both written words and drawn pictures.


What’s More Dangerous on the Web -- Hackers or Hacks?

Content producers have the power to be whomever they want, but if they let themselves be dictated too much by factors like Google, page views, and ad revenue, they end up simply joining a droning, mundane chorus of mediocrity.


Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility by Mary L. Gray

Instead of long-suffering iconoclasts who want to leave the family farm, Gray introduces teenagers that are keenly aware of their environs and the means at hand to navigate a life that is both queer and rural.


Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (FOX Attacks Special Edition)

This is America these days: you’re either with something, or you’re against it, and never the twain shall meet. Just try democracy under those conditions.

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Read The Guardian

Reading and literacy today.

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Mad about W

Mad Magazine Presidential Cartoons.

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Delicious Searching

The bookmarking site de.licio.us as a search tool.

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The Clippings File. Flotsam and Jetsam

High tales of low life in New York City.

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The Clippings File. Creature Features

Animal stories from the urban jungle.

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The Taking Down of Corey Delaney

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New Media Old Values

Berkeley Center for New Media Announces Endowment

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The Clippings File: Pakistan

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Tempus Fugit

One article from the Sydney Morning Herald and one photograph from MediaStorm render at human scale the great, troubling environmental concerns of this year.

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Give the Gift of Good News

Some of the best reporting on the state of the world is in Australian cookbooks.

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Words of the Year: Locavore and Klimakatastrophe

Community journalism and the environment

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Flattery or Piracy?

The business of content scraping and referral spam

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