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Stats Bring the Dance Party Even When They Go Acoustic on 'Powys 1999'

Stats' Powys 1999 features songs that feel like they're gliding on a dance-rock groove, even when they actually aren't. The music is catchy and clever and always glossy.


Menace Beach Pick Up Where They Left Off with 'Black Rainbow Sound'

With Black Rainbow Sound, Menace Beach continue to explore indie rock with a slight experimental twist and a direct, pop-influenced approach.


'Semicircle' Proves the Go! Team Possesses the Fountain of Youth

Semicircle is a fantastic little album with exactly the sort of youthful, innocent drive that you rarely see from artists well into middle age.


It's Okay to Change: A Conversation With David Brewis of Field Music

David Brewis discusses Field Music's new album, his parents' record collection, being in a band with family, and music nerd inside-baseball.


How the Go! Team Puts the "I" in Team with 'The Scene Between'

Ian Parton, leader of the Go! Team, weighs the maturation and development of his crazed wall-of-sound schoolyard aesthetic on new album The Scene Between.

Dan Derks

Field Music: Field Music (Measure)

The Sunderland band return as inventive as ever, but it's not as easy a listen as it should be.

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