Photay's New Electronic LP 'Waking Hours' Is About Taking Time Out

Electronic music of the sort that Photay creates doesn't typically have much to say lyrically, but on Waking Hours, Photay has a message, and he gives the human voice much more space than ever before.


Jessica Pratt's 'Quiet Signs' Is a Staggering Work of Hushed Beauty

Emptiness, according to Jessica Pratt, is an opportunity to find meaning. As a result, Quiet Signs builds strength as it galvanizes simplicity.


Arp's 'Zebra': Treading the Line Between Contentment and Indifference

Arp's Zebra is impeccably produced, the result of an artist living with his art, refining it, and turning it into exactly what he wants it to be, but it is a strangely sterile, emotionless experience.


No Joy Slips into Something a Little Less Comfortable

Nouveau shoegazers mix pop accessibility and difficulty on their third full-length More Faithful.

Jennifer Kelly

Travis Bretzer: Waxing Romantic

Canadian singer-songwriter Travis Bretzer dreams up a wistful set of mildly psychedelic guitar pop for his debut album.


Lilacs and Champagne: Midnight Features Vol. 1: Shower Scene

With Midnight Features Vol. 1: Shower Scene, the sample-heavy duo of Lilacs and Champagne prove that their one-of-a-kind sonic can function beyond the realms of the recording studio.


Travis Bretzer: Making Love EP

Travis Bretzer's honest approach to songwriting comes through the otherwise scattershot Making Love EP.


Slava: Soft Control

"Ambient Footwork", one could say, if that made any sense.

Timothy Gabriele
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