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The Visual Blitz in Graphic Novel 'Babble'

Comics artist Bryan Coyle drafts recollection and current day settings in 'Babble' with the use of powerful aesthetic shifts.


Catch Her in ihe Rye: Paul Pope's THB

With visual elements sampled from the recent past and a science fiction tomorrow, Pope presents a future as garish as it is plausible.


Mirror Phase: "Casanova: Luxuria"

Spy, thief, dimensional traveler, and international sex toy, Casanova Quinn doesn’t have the time to understand the twists and turns his life continually takes.


Am I Hard Enough: Beasts Of Burden #2

In Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's Beasts of Burden #2, the implications of blood vengeance and care for pets is explored.


The Flash #91: Unfrozen

'Big things are waiting for you just around the corner... Move forward to meet them. Don't spend your life frozen with fear.'


Ultimate Secret: The Human Drama Begins

When the drama of the moment ends in Ultimate Secret, the human adventure begins.


MAD Magazine: Flesh Garden: The Empty Rocketship

Wally Wood's refusal of celebration offers a magnificent statement on the potential of the comics medium.


The Ultimates: Grand Theft America: Looking Up

Ultimates writer Mark Millar, and artist Bryan Hitch present a compelling argument for the superhero genre being the thematic successor the western, and at the same time tap the elation and exhilaration of spaceflight.


Orbiter: Learning to Look Up Again

Things should never have gotten this bad


Sin City: The Hard Goodbye: 'Only Happy When It Rains'

As web-marketing guru Seth Godin reminds us, 'Without art, there is no commerce'.


Criminal: Lawless: The Christmas Getaway

It all comes down to one final chase scene for Tracy Lawless. But if he's in town to avenge his brother's murder, why would he help the killer escape?


Hellblazer #160: '...Freezes Over' part three: The Wink

In the penultimate installment of ...Freezes Over , Hellblazer John Constantine escapes the paranoia of a snowed-in diner only to find the claustrophobia is nothing more than a construction of his own mind.


The Authority: Relentless: 'Shiftships': I Can Do This

It is not the kind of scene readers have come to expect, but with this subtle inversion, Ellis and Hitch offer a proof of principle for 'widescreen' comics.


Doom Patrol: 'Imaginary Friends': Unconcern

In Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol, it is the ordinary that provides opportunity for the most strange interactions.


Ultimates Volume 2: 'Gods and Monsters': Dropping In

The bright lights of New York City's Times Square below him, Captain America jumps anonymously from a S.H.I.E.L.D. designated military helicopter. In a single panel writer Mark Millar and artist Bryan Hitch offer a compelling argument for the necessary but also unnerving confluence of military and superhuman prowess in the media-saturated reality of the 21st-century.


JLA #33: 'Altered Egos': The Reply

Fabled Flash writer Mark Waid takes the helm on JLA #33 as guest-writer. In a brief interchange between Superman and Batman, Waid not only sets the tone for his forthcoming run on JLA, but also pays homage to his earlier work on Flash.


Spider-Man's Tangled Web #14: 'The Last Shoot': A Jump Over the Top Rope

A seemingly throwaway tale from the early days of Spider-Man's career. Writers Brian Azzarello and Scott Levy hold back on the lead character's appearance until page 21 of a 22-page story.


Hellblazer Joyride: "In At the Deep End": What You Really Want

The reinvigoration of John Constantine after 20 years in print. Writer Andy Diggle in his first storyarc as series regular, confronts Hellblazer lead character Constantine with the effects of two decades of dishevelment.


Starman: Grand Guignol: More History Still

On the eve of Starman Jack Knight's last, and greatest battle, Ted Knight the man who invented the Starman legacy spends time with his son, visiting a Starman exhibit at Opal City Museum. While there, father and son discuss the most elusive Starman of all. With an end in sight for the monthly series, Jack Knight discovers there is still more history to come.


Reinventing Comics: Bill of Sale, Bill of Rights

You can almost hear the click of the marker pen's cap as it snaps back into place. McCloud's comics are the best kind of comics; immersive and immediate. But more than the quality of his comics, McCloud makes a profound statement about the comics industry and the direct market.


Green Lantern #146: "Hand of God, Day One": Ulp!

After a day spent convincing family and friends that his newly supercharged powers may make him near-omnipotent, but no less human, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (now returned to Earth as "Ion") offers readers a surprise and perhaps even terrifying denouement.

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