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Trouble in the Field: A Conversation with Nanci Griffith

Hell no, she ain't happy. But Intersection is her best album in years. She talks with PopMatters about the album and feeling like she's too radical for American politics these days.


Nanci Griffith: The Loving Kind

It’s good to have Griffith going back to her folk/country roots for inspiration.


John Gorka: Writing in the Margins

A folk troubadour from New Jersey!

Will Layman

Nanci Griffith: Rubys Torch

The Texas folkie with strings, completing her transformation into something studied and stodgy.


Nanci Griffith: One Fair Summer Evening... Plus! [DVD]

A glimpse into Nanci Griffith's early days of promise as she stepped into the limelight with a live recording.

Steve Horowitz

Nanci Griffith: Hearts in Mind

Nanci Griffith's latest album is yet another alt-country take on war. Rather than railing against politicians or ideologies, however, Griffith wanders through the confusion and emptiness experienced by those left behind.

Michael Franco

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