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Composer Ilan Eshkeri Discusses His Soundtrack for the 'Ghost of Tsushima' Game

Having composed for blockbuster films and ballet, Ilan Eshkeri discusses how powerful emotional narratives and the opportunity for creative freedom drew him to triple-A video game Ghost of Tsushima.


Alison Chesley Toils in Human and Musical Connectivity on Helen Money's 'Atomic'

Chicago-based cellist, Alison Chesley (a.k.a. Helen Money) creates an utterly riveting listen from beginning to end on Atomic.


Nick Storring's 'My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell' Is Beautiful, Haunting, and Otherworldly

Canadian composer Nick Storring's latest album, My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell, is mysterious, multilayered, and unforgettable.


Quarterly's 'Pomegranate' is a Small Treasure of Charm and Warmth

Brooklyn-based duo Quarterly combine elements of folk and classical on the intimate, calm, and unique Pomegranate.


Agnes Obel's Chamber Pop Hits a New Peak on 'Myopia'

Agnes Obel's Myopia is delicate and personal, employing treated vocals and piano to plow depths of sorrow and interrogate dark storms of the soul.


Yann Tiersen's 'Portrait' Is a Fresh Interpretation of Past Glories

Amelie composer Yann Tiersen teams up with a coterie of collaborators on Portrait to revisit works from a 25-year career, with poignant and reinvigorating results.


Vigor Is a Virtue: Pushing Beyond Boundaries with Audrey Chen

For vocal improvisor Audrey Chen, vigor is a virtue when conceiving music within the venue of the human body. Fragile yet ferocious, her uninhibited sonic rituals buzz with primal energy.


A Spectrum of Lineages: Interview with Neo-Classical Electronic Artist, Kelly Moran

Kelly Moran discusses her new record Ultraviolet, and details the journey that has brought her to release one of the most interesting works of 2018.


Kelly Moran Balances Between Light and Darkness on 'Ultraviolet'

With her Warp Records debut, extraordinary composer Kelly Moran produces a work that blends the neo-classical structure with the fury of improvisation, creating a mesmerizing sonic world of immense beauty.


Julia Holter Produces Her Most Ambitious Work Yet with 'Aviary'

With her new record, Aviary, Julia Holter expands her scope to include elements of free improvisation, neo-classical leanings, and folk-induced hallucinations, thereby producing a substantial work of art.


Composer Luca D'Alberto Aims Beyond Neoclassical on His New Album 'Exile' (album stream)

Luca D'Alberto latest album Exile releases today and it's another stunningly affective work. The composer wanted to inhabit this music completely, so he played every instrument and created every sound on the record.


Sarah Davachi's 'Gave in Rest' Sounds Like Music That's Been Floating Around for Eons Waiting to Be Bottled

One of ambient's most austere artists, Sarah Davachi, expands her sound, but her music is more mysterious than ever on Gave in Rest.


Hekla Explores the Range of the Theremin on Debut

On her debut album, Icelandic musician Hekla Magnusdottir delivers a coup de force performance, navigating through neo-classical, ambient, and experimental electronic motifs with the theremin as guide.


Ketil Bjørnstad's Beautiful Ode to Solitary Travel

Pianist Ketil Bjørnstad, singer Anneli Drecker, and poet Lars Saabye Christensen have created an unassuming masterpiece with A Suite of Poems.


Cal Raasay Shows Off the Grand Majesty of the Scottish Landscape on "After All" (premiere)

Cal Raasay has a flair for taking the simplest of ideas and finding its emotional heart as we hear on the stunningly beautiful "After All".


Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto Take an Exquisite Journey on 'Glass'

Musical innovators Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto recorded Glass live, totally improvised and inspired by an extended moment spent within structure, art, and nature.


Here's Classical Noise in Your Eye, Courtesy of the Shah of Persia

Resurrected from the master tapes, Karlrecords gives us Iannis Xenakis' Persepolis in full.


Hior Chronik - "Magnolia" (video)

Greek neo-classical composer Hior Chronik shares his latest gorgeous video for "Magnolia".


Echo Collective Pays a Glorious Homage to Radiohead's 'Amnesiac'

Echo Collective Plays Amnesiac is a stunning record of vibrant highs and sedated lows, interpreted with irresistible grace and wit by a stellar group of musicians.


Ryuichi Sakamoto's 'Async: Remodels' Is One of Those Rare Remix Albums That Enhances the Original Recording

Ryuichi Sakamoto's async sounds almost as good when it comes out the remix wringer as Async: Remodels.


Eyvind Kang Catches His Breath on 'Plainlight' So That You May Too

Eyvind Kang seizes the moment when the clouds part to bring us Plainlight.


Hior Chronik Creates Moody and Ambient Composition on 'Out of the Dust'

Rich in ambience and atmosphere, Hior Chronik's Out of the Dust is an ideal record for those who don't mind slight variations on a dreamlike theme.


Jenny Lin: Philip Glass: Complete Etudes for Piano (album review)

With virtuosic technique and poetic musicality, Jenny Lin's Philip Glass: Complete Etudes for Piano is a required recording for new music aficionados.


Bang on a Can All-Stars: More Field Recordings (album review)

Bang on a Can All-Stars' second foray with natural and musical elements, More Field Recordings, emphasizes the balance between art and atmosphere.


Hauschka: What If

Volker Bertelmann's minimal arrangements are carefully, even lovingly constructed. As complex and challenging as this collection can be, it feels honest above all else.


Jóhann Jóhannsson - "A Song for Europa" (video) (premiere)

PopMatters premieres the video for "A Song for Europa" from Jóhannsson's most recent artist album Orphée.


Jóhann Jóhannsson - "Drone Mass" Met Museum World Premiere

Oscar-nominated Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson premiered his new work Drone Mas in the unique setting of the Met Museum's Temple of Dendur in March.


Kai Engel: Rain Catcher

Kai Engel takes a step back from the big canvas to offer up piano sketches. All is still well with neoclassical.


Otto A Totland: Pinô

Fans of Nils Frahm must be introduced to Otto A Totland, whose delicate piano melodies will forever feel like home.


William Ryan Fritch: Leave Me Like You Found Me

The second installment of Fritch's "Leave Me Sessions Subscription Series" shows a breathtaking, cinematic composer and post-folk experimenter at the top of his game.

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