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Steve Wynn Cracks Open the Archive with 'Decade'

The man behind the Dream Syndicate and Miracle 3 reflects on his wild solo career with a definitive box set. But not even that can match the stories Steve Wynn has to tell.


Khruangbin Add Vocals But Keep the Funk on 'Mordechai'

Khruangbin's third album Mordechai is a showcase for their chemistry and musical chops.


The Charlatans' 'Between 10th and 11th' Gets a Deluxe Edition

Not even a "deluxe" version of Between 10th and 11th from the Charlatans can quite set the record straight about the maligned-but-brilliant 1992 sophomore album.


Man Alive! Is a Continued Display of the Grimy-Yet-Refined Magnetism of King Krule

Following The OOZ and its accolades, King Krule crafts a similarly hazy gem with Man Alive! that digs into his distinct aesthetic rather than forges new ground.


Woods Explore Darkness on 'Strange to Explain'

Folk rock's Woods create a superb new album, Strange to Explain, that mines the subconscious in search of answers to life's unsettling realities.


The Dream Syndicate Spontaneously Combust on 'The Universe Inside'

The Universe Inside isn't a typical Dream Syndicate album. The verse/chorus structure has been neatly sidestepped in favor of a free-wheeling, improvised, truly experimental approach, and it's marvelous.


Primal Scream's 'Screamadelica' and the Altered State

In the context of Primal Scream's prior and subsequent career, Screamadelica is a miracle. It's a rock record about discovering Ecstasy, rave culture, and the music that went with it.


The Dream Syndicate Explore "The Longing" (premiere + interview)

The Dream Syndicate were at the forefront of the Paisley Underground, but they continue to thrive and evolve nearly 40 years into their career. Co-founder Steve Wynn shares his thoughts (and enthusiasm) on this evolution. Meanwhile, hear the new track "The Longing".


Greece's Evritiki Zygia Hypnotize with Thracian Psychedelic Folk on 'Ormenion'

Evritiki Zygia's Ormenion has a ferocity that speaks to the tenacity of old traditions as well as to a progressive spirit. It's nothing short of hypnotic.


Lord Buffalo Expand Americana's Horizons via "Dog Head" (premiere)

Mud-folk, psychedelic Americana band, Lord Buffalo deliver a new video tracked in Norman, Oklahoma and spotlighting the depth of their upcoming LP, Tohu Wa Bohu.


Islet Strike a Balance on 'Eyelet'

Welsh trio Islet's third album Eyelet is, for the most part, an engaging and contemplative journey through ethereal psychedelic pop.


Electropop's Caribou Offers Joy Through Unpredictability on 'Suddenly'

Suddenly is Caribou's most willfully experimental album to date, his soft, distinctive vocals flow through every track, binding the whole thing together.


Leon Bridges and Khruangbin Imbue Texas with Some Fresh Air

Texas artists Leon Bridges and Khruangbin create some mellow, cosmic soul on a delightful EP that shows off their respective strengths.


Tame Impala's 'The Slow Rush' Is an Open Diary Set to Perfect Music

The Slow Rush is another masterpiece for Tame Impala, cover-to-cover. You know it's the band the instant the music begins, and yet the album feels both new and necessary.


Futurebirds Play to Their Strengths on 'Teamwork'

Indie country-rockers Futurebirds return with a renewed focus on Teamwork, but the album would benefit from taking more risks.


Super Furry Animals' 'Guerrilla' 20th Anniversary Set Is a Vital Re-Issue

Twenty years later, Guerrilla remains a self-contained joy and a great example of how unique, self-assured, and mature yet silly Super Furry Animals were at the turn of the century.


Temples' 'Hot Motion' Is an Uninspiring Emulation of Their Existing Sound

Hot Motion sees Temples play it safe as they sacrifice musical development for disappointing consistency.


Gardens & Villa Meditate on All That's "Rosie" (premiere)

Los Angeles indie rockers, Gardens & Villa pay homage to classic sci-fi and fantasy films on a stunning slab of psychedelic pop.


Hope Sandoval's Quiet Rebellion Against the Music Industry

Absent from Instagram and Twitter and mostly uncommunicative to the press, listeners must wait patiently for the reclusive Hope Sandoval's return without any hints as to what she may bring.


With 'Room to Breathe', Low Hum Flesh Out Their Engaging Lo-Fi Psych Pop Sound

Low Hum make dreamy, psychedelic pop magic with their first full-length album, Room to Breathe.


How Avey Tare Made a Whole Album Out of Necessity

The songs on Avey Tare's Cows on Hourglass Pond emerged from a need for material for a live show, but you wouldn't assume that when sucked in by their soothing, intricate surrealism. Tare speaks about his creative process, the technical forces driving the record, and where he's at lyrically.


As Their Themes Get Darker, Peter Bjorn and John Find Enlightenment in Their Music

After exploring darker themes on their last two full-lengths, Peter Bjorn and John start a brand new tour by diving through their past and rummaging for songs that almost never saw the light of day.


The Dream Syndicate Continue to Innovate with 'These Times'

It sounds like the 21st century Dream Syndicate is here to stay with These Times, and that's worth celebrating.


Focused on the Now: An Interview with the Dream Syndicate

Steve Wynn says that the reunited Dream Syndicate are still finding new territories (musical and otherwise) to explore. Their new album provides evidence of a hungry, vital band that is at peace with its reputation but eager to move forward.

Jedd Beaudoin

Passion Pit Are Ready to Hit the High Notes Again

Ten years after a medication paralyzed his vocal cords and forced some of his favorite songs out of rotation, Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos can't wait to tour his debut album Manners and perform those songs again.

Max Totsky

Psych-pop Band the Go Rounds Unveil Trippy Video Ahead of New LP (premiere)

The Go Rounds' "Foxtrot" heralds an album examining "the places, times, and relationships that hold our reflection," says songwriter Graham Parsons.


Panda Bear's Last Night at the Regency

Panda Bear's show is truly a vocal performance backed by pulsating electronica with his latest, Buoys, as the primary source for much of the set.


The Dream Syndicate - "Black Light" (Singles Going Steady)

The Dream Syndicate lures us in with that twangy guitar and mischievous keyboard line, but the purposefully off-tempo vocals on "Black Light" derail the dream.


Teeth of the Sea Return with Their New Alchemical Experiment 'Wraith'

Through the electronic and jazz themes of Wraith, it is Teeth of the Sea's psychedelia that prevails.


The Bevis Frond Just Want to Be Your Friend, Man

The songs have a sunny playful spirit even when a song's topic suggests serious contemplation. This is the sound of one hand clapping, and who knows what's happening with the other hand!


Gaye Su Akyol Brings a Scintillating Edge to Psychedelic Turkish Traditions on 'İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir'

Gaye Su Akyol's artistic sensibilities lend themselves to a unique take on her perceptions of Turkey's immediate present, reinterpreting her environment in a way that scintillates and smolders on İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir.


All Them Witches Go Back to Basics on 'ATW'

On ATW, All Them Witches wisely avoid repeating themselves, instead filtering the heavy, stoner rock of Dying Surfer Meets His Maker through the more expansive, psychedelic haze of Sleeping Through the War.


Spiritualized's 'And Nothing Hurt' Is a Remarkably Efficient Record

Jason Pierce's latest And Nothing Hurt is a kind of condensed greatest hits of the greatest merits of Spiritualized.


Still Corners' 'Slow Air' Wanders Around Desert Highways

In search of a new direction, dream pop band Still Corners' Slow Air finds inspiration in traveling the American roads.


The Coral Are Confident and Push Forward on 'Move Through the Dawn'

Inconsistent songwriting and a strange album cover detract from the confidence and musical strengths of the Coral's Move Through the Dawn.


Gang Gang Dance Attone for a Seven-Year Long Hiatus with 'Kazuashita'

Returning with an introspective take on their ecstatic psychedelic, worldbeat induced vision for experimental music, Gang Gang Dance reveal that there are levels to this band.


Always Strange No Matter Where We Are: An Interview with Gang Gang Dance

Gang Gang Dance multi-instrumentalist Brian DeGraw discusses the process behind the experimental band's first record (and arguably most accessible) in seven years, Kazuashita.

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