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Is Social Media Facing Its Biggest Existential Threat?

Jaron Lanier says we should delete our social media accounts, yet it's not social media per se, but the way in which it presently exists, that Lanier is concerned about. But Lanier is overlooking a critical factor in our social media addiction.


Vaporwave, Cartooned

Adult Swim's short film "Too Many Cooks" and Cartoon Network's Rick and Morty are distinctive examples of the Vaporwave Sensibility expressed in narrative-visual form.


The Book About Geek Triumph You Probably Don't Need

Neoliberalism offers the illusion of choice. The triumph of geek culture is an illusion of triumph; it's just another way to be bought—and to like it. A critique of A.D. Jameson's I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing.


The 21st Century Counterculture of  Pa. Ranjith's 'Kaala'

Is the incandescent and resplendent but bloated Kaala a transnational manifesto resurrecting the Left to rollback rightwing tribalism's global onslaught?

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