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Laraaji Takes a "Quiet Journey" (premiere +interview)

Afro Transcendentalist Laraaji prepares his second album of 2020, the meditative Moon Piano, recorded inside a Brooklyn church. The record is an example of what the artist refers to as "pulling music from the sky".


Kankyo Ongaku: A Gorgeous Ambient Adventure from Another Time and Place

Light in the Attic's new collection of Japanese ambient music from the 1980s is an essential instrumental set that's impeccably assembled and executed.


LARAAJI + Dallas Acid + Arji Oceananda Issue Video for "Evening Reduction" (premiere)

The acclaimed collaboration between pioneering new age artists LARAAJI, Dallas Acid, and Arji Oceananda gets extra boost via appropriately meditative video for "Evening Reduction".


Irmin Schmidt Tells His Story of Can

If All Gates Open isn't the full picture of Irmin Schmidt and Can, then the real McCoy must give one a hernia.


New Age's Laraaji Creates Blissed-Out Pop on 'Vision Songs, Vol. 1'

The new age lifer and Brian Eno affiliate's ease with himself is infectious on Numero Group's new compilation of his devotional songs.


Tom Armstrong: The Sky Is an Empty Eye

Another worthwhile entry in Tompkins Square’s ongoing archeology of unheralded outsider artists, Armstrong’s catchy, new age-inflected playing offers solace for late nights.


Various Artists: I Am the Center: Private Issue New Age in America 1950-1990

This is new age music before it became a commodity, before it evolved into aural wallpaper and background music. When it was the domain of outsider artists, eccentrics and experimentalists.


Imani Uzuri: The Gypsy Diaries

Her full deep voice justifies whatever struggle she had getting the album made.


Roedelius: Jardin Au Fou

Before Komische got gaudy, Roedelius released a haunting wind-up ambient work of austere joy.


Various: Caravan of Light

Mystic woodwind, sitars, Buddhist chants, Tibetans, yearning voices -- if it sounds like New Age territory, well, it is.


Blue Stone: Worlds Apart

Copping a feel from orchestral electronic masters E.S. Posthumus, the producers behind Blue Stone manage to build mid-tempo dance beats and liquid piano notes around an anonymous array of feather-voiced vixens

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