In 'The Times of Bill Cunningham', an Iconic Photographer Marches to the Beat of His Own Drum

The Times of Bill Cunningham is an affectionate portrayal of the beloved fashion and street photographer who maintained his independent voice amid decades of societal conventions.


Pronounced Dead: The Art of Cultural Assassination

Two critical catfights are claiming to have buried art-forms which have shaped our civilisation for decades and centuries apiece. Are they entitled to do that?


In Defense of Newspapers

It seems that with each passing fiscal quarter, media-watchers love to pound another nail into print journalism's coffin.


In Defense of David Simon and the Legacy of 'The Wire'

In light of David Simon's recent comments on its intent to 'stir actual shit', we revisit how important The Wire should be.


The Top Ten Pop Culture Podcasts

The exhilarating world of podcasting opens up new opportunities for pop culture analysis in the relatively young medium. Here is a list of ten particularly rewarding podcasts covering the worlds of film, television, music, and literature.


Let's Talk About Blowing Up Children!

After disappearing in a puff of embarrassment, 10:10's misguided No Pressure deserves to be re-examined -- not because it didn't fail, but because nobody seems to get it.

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Start thinking about solving the problem


Cheever: Straight No Chaser

Cheever's stories are not autobiographical so much as stark documents from the same era he lived, wrote and drank in.


20 Questions: Howard Blum

Bestselling author, Vanity Fair contributing editor, and New York Times award-winning investigative reporter Howard Blum chats with PopMatters 20 Questions about Bob Dylan, Melville's Ishmael, and a bit of a Mafioso affinity.

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The New York Times Newsroom Talks

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Boys on the Bus #8

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Mag Review: Play

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