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When Punk Got the Funk

As punks were looking for some potential pathways out of the cul-de-sacs of their limited soundscapes, they saw in funk a way to expand the punk palette without sacrificing either their ethos or idea(l)s.


Budokan Boys Create a Strange, Unsettling Musical Landscape on 'DAD IS BAD'

With their second album, DAD IS BAD, the experimental electronic duo Budokan Boys continue to build a soundtrack for a broken world.


Karen Haglof Continues Reclaiming Her Rock Flag With 'Tobiano' (album stream + interview)

Oncologist and avant-garde pioneer Karen Haglof returns with a tuneful, probing collection of songs that further re-establish her as an intriguing voice in rock.


Writhing Squares Scrape Away the "Dirt in My Mind's Eye" (premiere)

Philly post-no-wave jammers Writhing Squares play with raw power on their new single, "Dirt in My Mind's Eye".


The Story of Swans by Those Who Lived to Tell

Nick Soulsby's oral history of Swans digs deep in and around the trenches of Michael Gira's twisted musical world.


Nick Soulsby Reads from His Oral History, 'Swans: Sacrifice and Transcendence'

Swans' story is a story of artistic near-death, defiance, and resurrection. This excerpt brings forth the band's challenges during the Swans Are Dead Tour of 1997.


Ricarda Cometa Combines Latin, African and Asian Influences With Noise, Math Rock on 'Ricarda Cometa 2' (album stream)

Argentine-Peruvian duo Ricarda Cometa prepares for a European tour with the release of a new album filled with adventure, Ricarda Cometa 2.

Jedd Beaudoin

Siamese - "White Jacket" (video) (premiere) (interview)

Detroit darkwave, post-punk quartet Siamese release atmospheric video ahead of debut EP.


Rhys Chatham: Harmonie du soir

This legendary guitarist/trumpeter/composer retraces some of his steps, but not to the point of retrograde.


Social Climbers: Social Climbers

On this 1980 album, the words lack the confidence the music conveys, so instead of luring you in with a convincing musical world, it more often ends up throwing a fit for attention.


Talk Normal: Sugarland

An album by any other name would sound as sweet…


Nothing's Shocking: An Interview With Lydia Lunch

As Lydia Lunch -- No Wave pioneer, Teenage Jesus frontwoman, and life-long provocateur -- sees her landmark tell-all book Paradoxia get re-published for the first time in over a decade, she talks with PopMatters about breaking taboos, rocking out, and knowing how to push everybody's buttons.

Drew Fortune

Erase Errata

There are two kinds of bands in this world, those that shamelessly ride the gravy train and those that strive to make their own tiny permutative mark in music history. Which one will Erase Errata become?

Patty Chung

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