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Hashtags: Can't Live with 'em, Can't Live without 'em

How are humans regulating the internet through hashtags? What kind of algorithms are generating the content in your feeds? Best read Elizabeth Losh's Hashtag.


Capsule by Capsule: On Robert Bennett's 'Pill'

Robert Bennett provides a clear-headed and concise history of the introduction of mood stabilizers in American culture and the complications that have followed in this excellent installment of Bloomsbury's Object Lessons, Pill.


Summer Brennan's 'High Heel' Combines Memoir and Epic Poetry

The lovely cadences in Summer Brennan's High Heel stack up like so many sand castles that sift iconic examples of high heels into a finely grained pile of pros and cons that each reader will sift through quite differently.


'Doctor' and the Business End of Things

Andrew Bomback explores ways in which "the healing art" and the connection between doctor and patient is understood in contemporary western culture.


'Blanket' Virtually Covers It All

Kara Thompson's Blanket provides an excellent, warm, and informed history in the Bloomsbury Academic Object Lessons series.


'Burger' (Object Lessons) Speaks Volumes About American Consumption

As Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have illustrated, how you absorb burgers says everything about how you can, or should, lead a nation.


On 'Luggage' and the Baggage We Carry

From Alfred Hitchock and Seinfeld to airport baggage claims, our luggage sure carries a lot of cultural and personal baggage.


On the Hidden Lives of Souvenirs in 'Souvenir (Object Lessons)'

Rolf Potts explores why and how we collect souvenirs, what they have represented to us through the ages, and how we use them to narrate our lives.


Though Rich in Subject Matter, 'Veil' Has Trouble Finding a Narrative

There's so much to say about the challenges, frustrations, and offenses facing women who veil, that Veil has difficulty sorting it all out in a meaningful way.


A Sock Is Never Just a Sock: Thoughts on Object Lessons' 'Sock'

Ian Bogost and Christopher Schaberg, the editors of Object Lessons, have built an incredibly robust template for 21st century pop cultural contemplation.


The Walkman Is Dead, Long Live the Walkman

Personal Stereo explores novelty, norm, and nostalgia.


'Eye Chart' Is About Much More Than Just Identifying Objects Near and Far

The "Object Lessons" series continues with this brief but rich exploration into why we see, when we see, how clearly we see, and what we understand about the things we see.

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