Political Cartoonist Art Young Was an Aficionado of all Things Infernal

Fantagraphics' new edition of Inferno takes Art Young's original Depression-era critique to the Trump White House -- and then drags it all to Hell.


Norman Lear's 'Cold Turkey' Satirizes Nixon, Narrowmindedness, and Tobacco Addiction

The humor in this film goes hand-in-paw with the blunt, vulgar symbolism of a dog's lifted leg in the opening credits.


Mix 'The Daily Mash' with 'The Daily Show' and You've Got 'The Mash Report'

BBC Two's The Mash Report is funny, and we really need funny these days.


Dr. Demento Covered in Punk on New Compilation

This is various famous and not so famous artists doing punk-style covers of a century's worth of novelty songs. After reading that sentence you should already know whether or not this compilation is for you.


Haven't You Learned How to Take a Joke? The Comedy-on-Campus Debates

The college comedy deficit means that we are neither taught how to take a joke nor how to interpret one.


Inane Political Discourse, or, Alan Partridge's Parody Politics

That the political class now finds itself relegated to accidental Alan Partridge territory along the with rest of the twits and twats that comprise English popular culture is meaningful, to say the least.


Algorithmic Versus Parodic Mobile App Art

Digital art has been around for almost as long as computers have been. Internet art has existed since the '90s. But due to the mobile app's youth, and the perceived barriers to entry, it's still the Wild West.


A User's Guide to Parody Religions: Churches of the SubGenius & the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Our prophet explains that we may know what gravity is, but we don't know the cause of it, thus, “What if it is He, pushing us down with His Noodly Appendages, that causes this force?”


'McSweeney's Internet Tendency' Takes on the Bathroom Reading Format

The beloved McSweeney's is stripped of its Internet cloak and laid before us on the bare, naked pages of print.


A User's Guide to Parody Religions: Dudeism, Invisible Pink Unicorns, and Americhrist Ltd.

Plotting exposure, parody seeks to unveil rather than to mask, to offer truths where it finds lies, deceit, or hypocrisy. So why has religion proven particularly prone to this means of comedic put-down?


Parody, Perfected: 'Mort Drucker: Five Decades of His Greatest Works'

The spreads are so good even a casual reader picking the magazine off the rack would have to stop and stare, to admire how perfectly Drucker captures Rhea Pearlman’s hair, or to find all the gags hidden in farthest corners of the page.


Weird Al Yankovic: Alpocalypse

Like his previous albums, Weird Al Yankovic's Alpocalypse mixes several parodies of topical pop with some polkas. As always, the album highlights his gift for lyrics that are simultaneously incisive and absurd.


For Anybody Who Wondered Where Chaucer Hid His Jokes, Read 'Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog'

"Hotness. My friare-confessour is sooo hotte. Lyk, he beth so hotte that thou nedest to put fowere of the letter t in 'hotttte.' Thank God spellinge is nat standardised yet, for we may neede moore than four of the letter t."


"Weird Al" Yankovic: The Essential "Weird Al" Yankovic

Three decades after his first accordion-assisted recordings, we're still talking about the Clown King of Pop Music and his continued influence.

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