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Megan Rapinoe's 'One Life' Is Pitch-Perfect

In Megan Rapinoe's memoir One Life, her training, hard work, and competitive spirit are coupled with an impassioned account of her political awakening.


'The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories' Is a Perfect Balance of Classic and Modern

The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories is not merely another college lit anthology, but a fascinating collection of short stories from all periods and from several authors who all too rarely make it into English translation.


'Maeve In America' and Balancing Levity with Seriousness

Irish comic Maeve Higgins finds her voice and purpose in an ever-changing Donald Trump United States.


'The Widower's Notebook' Compassionately Explores How Men Are Allowed to Grieve

Enduring loss and grief is never easy but it's rendered remarkably in Santlofer's work.


We Go to William Trevor's Works to Look for Ourselves and to Understand Others

Posthumous collection Last Stories proves that Trevor, as a short story writer, was a master in command of his craft and will remain in a class of his own.


History as a Witness to Murder: 'Midnight in Peking'

Peking, on the edge of World War II, couldn't have been more fraught with tension. The brutal murder of a young Englishwoman was the proverbial match struck to this powder keg of a city.

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