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Composer Donnacha Dennehy Tackles Percussion Quartets and Ensemble Atonality with 'Surface Tension / Disposable Dissonance'

Irish composer Donnacha Dennehy creates two distinct worlds with his latest release, focusing on experimental percussion and creative dissonance.


Eli Keszler: Last Signs of Speed

New York-based percussionist and visual artist Eli Keszler guides you through the exotic darkness with an album that overflows with chaos, noise, and order.


Mathias Kunzli: Playground

Playground is a happy reminder that now remains the time, as always, to hear our world from a fresh perspective.


Wayo: Trance Percussion Masters of South Sudan

Trance Percussion Masters of South Sudan is a valuable ethno musicological document and the spirited and highly skilled playing and performing allows a glimpse into an otherwise rarely seen world.


Sean Noonan: A Gambler's Hand

With the danger limited, Noonan's latest album isn't as energizing as it could be.

Jusitin Cober-Lake

Hijos de Agüeybaná: Agua de Sol

The percussion is calibrated not to overwhelm, but sometimes it can barely help itself.


Amadou Diagne: Introducing Amadou Diagne

Senegalese griot needs to do more to stand out.


So Percussion: It Is Time

Percussion ensemble keeps counting out time.


Jerry Granelli: 1313

Suspenseful work from a celebrated percussionist, if not altogether satisfying.


Jerry Leake: Cubist

Not very interested in highs or lows, but fascinated by the spectacle of noises meeting other noises.


Tony Allen: Secret Agent

If drums were pens he'd be writing political mystery thrillers.


The Trucks: The Trucks

The all-female, electro-punk quartet the Trucks don't want to "sit nice and be quiet" on their self-titled debut. Damn right!


The Antiques: Nicknames and Natives

The Antiques are the musically serene country cousins of the raunchy Americana-fuelled folk-rock sound brought to the indie stage by bands like My Morning Jacket and the Kings of Leon.

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