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Justin Timberlake Exits His Imperial Period with a Thud on 'Man of the Woods'

At the peak of his powers, Justin Timberlake could probably get away with a confused backwoods-pop hybrid like this. As it stands, people are seeing it for what it is: the most misguided album of his career.

Evan Sawdey

Guessing the 2015 Grammys

PopMatters predicts a night of newcomers, huge sweeps, and some love for two theme songs from 2013.


The Tyranny of Aspiration Culture

Without room for doubt, uncertainty, and even self-hatred, the tyranny of Aspiration Culture prevails, and meaningful defiance is thrown out the window.

Mark Palermo

Pharrell: G I R L

Pharrell is talented, no doubt, but on solo disc No. 2 this talent seems thoroughly out to lunch.


Danny!: Payback

An album this solid shouldn't have to struggle so hard to find a release date.

David Amidon

Fall Out Boy: Folie a Deux

Pete Wentz is now dissecting the meaning of his own fame, which is far less interesting than the drama that preceded his ascent into tabloid culture.

Evan Sawdey

Pharrell: In My Mind

Pharrell has in the past few years endeavored to pitch himself as an average schmoe, a N*E*R*D, a guy just like you n' golly gosh me -- he goes far enough to include in the tray art a pint-size pixilated version of himself reporting: "Wealth is of the heart and mind, not of the pocket."

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