The Strokes Phone It In (Again) on 'The New Abnormal'

The Strokes' The New Abnormal is an unabashedly uninspired promotional item for their upcoming world tour.


Kaiser Chiefs Offer Great Fun on 'Duck'

Kaiser Chiefs' Duck is full of energy and joy, and returns the band to their more rockish sound.


Editors Release 'The Blanck Mass Sessions' for a Record Store Day Album

Editors return to original recordings with Blanck Mass for 2018's Violence and release a special set that improves and expands on the "original version" with more depth, darkness, and exploration.


Liars Continue to Experiment with Solitude and Broken Relationships on 'Titles with the Word Fountain'

Liars quickly follow-up 2017's TFCF with TWTWF, a sparse, ambient set of tracks that continues Angus Andrew's experimentation as the sole remaining founding member of the band.


The Kooks Play It a Little Too Safe on 'Let's Go Sunshine'

The Kooks' newest release Let's Go Sunshine offers an anthemic take on garage rock.


Interpol and the Search for High-decibel Euphoria on 'Marauder'

Even when Interpol tries to change up the formula, they can't help but sound like themselves on Marauder.


Albert Hammond Jr. Sets High Water Marks on 'Francis Trouble'

The Strokes' guitarist continues his solo career renaissance with an album as focused and sharp as anything he's ever produced.


The Fratellis' 'In Your Own Sweet Time' Is a Lively, Fun Record That Thrills

The Fratellis fifth album is light, fun, and fast, incorporating new styles and musical cues that share revelry and spontaneity regardless of the scenario or feeling.


A Place to Bury Strangers - "Never Coming Back" (Singles Going Steady)

A Place to Bury Strangers buzzes and growls through "Never Coming Back" with no regard for noise ordinances, and it is, as is so often the case, a love-it-or-hate-it kind of situation.


Franz Ferdinand Invite Us to Dance Through the World's Problems on 'Always Ascending'

Despite some missteps, Always Ascending features enough excellent dance tracks, experimentation, and optimism to keep Franz Ferdinand fun and relevant a decade and a half into their career.


Steady Dark Grooves: An Interview with the Horrors

Rhys Webb of the Horrors opens up about the process and direction behind their latest album, V, and how they've managed to thrive and stay together through their first decade.

Juan Eduardo Rodriguez

Wolf Parade: Cry Cry Cry

Canadian quartet return with a proggy, synthy, arty, indie wake up call.


Dot Dash: spark>flame>ember>ash

Dot Dash is Morse code for retro-infused fun.

Zachary Houle

White Lies: Ritual

Indie gloom mimics cash in on pop success with more portentous ready-mades, proving that ritual relies on repetition.


Hot Hot Heat: Future Breeds

Even with some seriously lame moments on major labels, returning to an independent doesn't help HHH at all. In fact, they produce the worst album of their career.


We Are Scientists: With Love and Squalor

As another voice in the suddenly crowded milieu of retro-minded indie rock bands, We Are Scientists debut with an album that's strong for the scene, even if that scene may not survive much longer.

Patrick Schabe
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