Weeks Island's 'Droste' Is a New High Water Mark in Ambient Steel (EP stream) (premiere)

Lost Bayou Ramblers' Jonny Campos turns up as Weeks Island with Brian Eno/Cluster-inspired music straight from the bayou. Hear Droste in full ahead of its release on Friday.


How Em Rossi "Got This Feeling" to Write About a Perfect Love Story (premiere + interview)

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Em Rossi shifts a promising pop career into high gear with her major label debut single, "Got This Feeling", along with the music video inspired by a romantic couple close to her heart.


Wyldlife Celebrates Flowers, Friendship, and Jesus and Mary Chain in Their New Song, "Automatic" (premiere)

New York quartet Wildlife has plenty of glam and pop swagger to go around on single "Automatic" from upcoming LP Year of the Snake.


Alex de Grassi Explores Different Paths with "The Bridge" (premiere)

The title track from guitar maestro Alex de Grassi's upcoming LP, The Bridge, speaks to his ability to fuse disparate influences with uncommon taste.


The Seshen Are "Faster Than Before" on New Single (premiere)

Electrosoul group the Seshen's "Faster Than Before" offers psychological depths over sensational electronic sonics.


Electropop's Bizou Blend the Bleak and Beautiful on "Crashing Sky" (premiere)

Bizou features former and current members of Light FM, Smashing Pumpkins and Glaare. New single "Crashing Sky" reflects their penchant for pop and darkwave.


RJ Thompson Soars on the Alt-pop of "So Right" (premiere)

British indie-popper RJ Thompson examines his self-doubt and insecurities on the new bubbling single, "So Right".


The Claudettes Celebrate Love and Solitude With "24/5" (premiere + interview)

Eclectic Chicago quartet, the Claudettes, return with High Times in the Dark, which spotlights their musical ferocity and flexibility. Hear the new single "24/5".


Mercy Bell Delivers Powerful Autobiographical Ballad With "Black Dress" (premiere + interview)

Penned during a difficult summer, Mercy Bell's "Black Dress" has proven one of her most enduring. First released a decade ago, it gets a new lease on life.


Avant-Rockers Disturbed Furniture Continue Upward Trajectory With "Halo of Pain" (premiere)

Reunited New York City avant rockers, Disturbed Furniture demonstrate with "Halo of Pain" that they've lost none of their fire since disbanding in the early 1980s.


El Búho and DJ Raff Celebrate Chilean Social Resistance with "Resiliencia" (premiere)

Producers El Búho and DJ Raff pay electronic tribute to a Chilean spirit of social resistance with the subtle new single "Resiliencia".


Roo Panes Previews New EP 'Pacific' with Two Tracks (premiere)

"Colour in Your Heart" and "Pacific" provide fans of folk singer-songwriter Roo Panes with the first taste of his upcoming EP.


Ayreon Preview 'Electric Castle Live' Concert Film with "Amazing Flight" (premiere)

Dutch progressive metal maestro Arjen Anthony Lucassen takes us on a stellar journey with "Amazing Flight" from the upcoming live performance of his third—and possibly best—Ayreon voyage to date.


Lord Buffalo Expand Americana's Horizons via "Dog Head" (premiere)

Mud-folk, psychedelic Americana band, Lord Buffalo deliver a new video tracked in Norman, Oklahoma and spotlighting the depth of their upcoming LP, Tohu Wa Bohu.


The Lickerish Quartet Take Us on Classic Pop Journey with "Lighthouse Spaceship" (premiere + interview)

Former Jellyfish members combine forces as the Lickerish Quartet for a collection of imaginative songs influenced by one of rock's most creatively fertile eras. Roger Joseph Manning Jr. discusses the group's origins and debut track, "Lighthouse Spaceship."


Daniel Pearson Plays Every Instrument on His Rock Anthem, "Brother" (premiere)

Daniel Pearson retains the knack for atmospheric melodies that garnered his reputation while confidently strutting back to his grittier rock roots on "Brother".


Sam Doores Brings New Sounds to Americana on His Solo Debut (album stream + interview)

Deslondes member Sam Doores goes solo during down time from the band. His new album upsets expectations about the nature of Americana music in 2020 and yet maintains strong ties to Doores' roots.


Céu Goes Electropop on "Coreto" (premiere)

Brazil's Céu continues to bridge the gap between indie and mainstream with the soulful new electropop single "Coreto".


Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards' "Corduroy" Tells the Tale of a Tryhard (premiere)

The enchanting, spacey arrangement of "Corduroy" exemplifies Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards' adventurous musical spirit as they dive into the story of a "hipster who tries too hard".


The Saxophones Take Us to 'Eternity Bay' (album stream) (premiere)

The Saxophones seamlessly blend surf pop, exotica, and West Coast jazz on their smart and sensitive new LP, Eternity Bay.

Jedd Beaudoin

Do Ra Create Beautiful Indie Rock on "You Say" (premiere)

Do Ra back up their richly textured, thoughtful indie rock with a compellingly simple video for "You Say".


Zoe Sky Jordan's 'Scenes From Infinity' Exhibits the Bittersweet in Life's Happiest Moments (album stream) (premiere)

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Zoe Sky Jordan's Scenes From Infinity honestly expresses the melancholy that can sometimes be laced in life's happiest milestones, such as marriage.


Once & Future Band Delight with the Dense Psychedelic Pop Spectacle of "Freaks" (premiere)

"Freaks", the latest single from psych-popsters, Once & Future Band, is a triumphant blend of mesmeric harmonies and vibrant celebration.


Willie Nile Hopes for "A Little Bit of Love" (premiere + interview)

Veteran troubadour Willie Nile's latest album, New York at Night, is inspired by his adopted hometown and world events. "The song moves me," he says. "I love what it says. It's true. We could use a little bit of love in this country and this world for sure."


Blue Canopy Say Goodbye to New York, Hello to Portland With "656" (premiere)

Former Modern Rivals member Alex Schiff recruits former bandmates for Blue Canopy's "656", which is filled with childlike wonder and bright-eyed instrumentation.


Americana's Nobody's Girl Champion the Everyperson on "Kansas" (premiere + interview)

Americana/folk-pop supergroup Nobody's Girl, featuring former Voice contestant Rebecca Loebe and fellow singer-songwriters Grace Pettis and Betty Soo, share their uplifting new single, "Kansas".


Les Gruff and the Billy Goat Step Out Into "The Rain" (premiere)

With "The Rain", Americana's Les Gruff and the Billy Goat bring a hearty and nostalgic jam to the table that features steel guitar from Mike and the Moonpies' Zachary Moulton.


Love You Later Seriously "Making Plans" As an Artist to Embrace (premiere + interview)

Reinventing herself as Love You Later, Lexi Aviles is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who came up with the idea after seeing the Japanese House perform. On her new single and music video, she gets to the heart of the matter.


Frogbelly and Symphony's Upended Folk on Display With "Benjamin Went Fishing" (premiere)

Mixing and matching elements of traditional (and non-traditional) folk, Frogbelly and Symphony deliver a track that defies expectations and boundaries with "Benjamin Went Fishing".


AC Sapphire Takes Us to the Desert on 'Omni Present' (EP stream) (premiere)

On her new EP, folk rocker AC Sapphire delivers a collection of songs for fans of Jeff Buckley, Neko Case, and Liz Phair, many of which are informed by the expanses of the Mojave Desert.


Chloe Kimes Reclaims Her Own Narrative Through "Thunder" (premiere)

On her new single, "Thunder", Nashville's Chloe Kimes shares her musings on reinforcing one's inner strengths and reclaiming their personal narrative.


Letitia VanSant's 'Circadian' Is a Contemplative Indie Folk Opus (premiere) (album stream)

With Circadian, indie folk artist Letitia VanSant finds the balance between compassion and fury in communicating her reflections on the world today.

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