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Kate Bush's Splendidly Transitional 'Never For Ever' at 40

Kate Bush's Never for Ever served as the stepping stone for the artist to reach her full potential as a bona fide musical genius.


Art Pop's Elk City Explores Truth and Beauty With "Pity of a Rose" (premiere + interview)

Art pop group Elk City share their latest video "Pity of a Rose" and discuss their latest EP, Souls in Space. "My goal in directing the video was to illustrate a human being incapable of emotion, who is navigating the prison of her mind," says co-founder Renée LoBue.


Yes Gabriel Gets Lost in Winter With "Deep in February" (premiere)

Theatre/film composer Gaby Alter prepares his first EP as Yes Gabriel and meditates on what may actually be the cruelest month in "Deep February".

Jedd Beaudoin

I Am Casting Explores Charmers, Pied Pipers, and Other Liars With 'Carnival Barkers' (album stream + interview)

Cole Guerra returns to music after extended hiatus, and questions how we are led and mislead by those oh-so-loud voices.


Star Rover Proves That Not All Who Wander Are Lost Via Debut, 'I May Be Lost But I'm Laughing' (album stream)

With a CV that features turns with Okkervil River, Landlady, Rubblebucket, Albert Hammond Jr., Star Rover creates a safe passage between the avant-garde and the well-guarded.


I Am Casting Speaks to Contemporary Anxieties About Progress, the Other With "Flood" (premiere)

I Am Casting navigate the space between progressive rock and pop with "Flood", which arrives ahead of the North Carolina outfit's debut, Carnival Barkers.


Saint Slumber's Prog-Pop Predilections Come to Life Via "Stay Away" (premiere)

With a retro visual aesthetic that still manages to be rooted in the now, Saint Slumber issues "Stay Away" ahead of fall tour with Young Rising Sons.


Is XTC too Competent to Be Cool?

Showtime's XTC: This Is Pop draws worthy attention to this underrated band. But does their music still hold up?


Rock and Roll? Field Music Take on Led Zeppelin and Win

Somehow, in spite of listening to Kate Bush, King Crimson, Hall and Oates, and the Blue Nile, Field Music sound like 10CC playing the hits of Steve Reich. PopMatters asked Peter Brewis about how this can happen in 2018.

Ian Rushbury

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