The Lickerish Quartet Take Us on Classic Pop Journey with "Lighthouse Spaceship" (premiere + interview)

Former Jellyfish members combine forces as the Lickerish Quartet for a collection of imaginative songs influenced by one of rock's most creatively fertile eras. Roger Joseph Manning Jr. discusses the group's origins and debut track, "Lighthouse Spaceship."


Counterbalance No. 5: The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'

Number five on the list is practically synonymous with Great Artistic Statements. But was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band really the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper"? A splendid time is guaranteed for all as Counterbalance figures it out.


Tame Impala's 'The Slow Rush' Is an Open Diary Set to Perfect Music

The Slow Rush is another masterpiece for Tame Impala, cover-to-cover. You know it's the band the instant the music begins, and yet the album feels both new and necessary.


Gardens & Villa Meditate on All That's "Rosie" (premiere)

Los Angeles indie rockers, Gardens & Villa pay homage to classic sci-fi and fantasy films on a stunning slab of psychedelic pop.


Rob Laufer Contemplates Love Across "Space and Time" (premiere + interview)

Rob Laufer's first album in almost a decade proves worth the wait. Smart pop sensibilities abound as evidenced by his latest song "Space and Time".


Vanishing Twin Travel the Spaceways on 'The Age of Immunology'

Vanishing Twin's second album, The Age of Immunology, challenges borders physical, cultural, and beyond in a remarkable musical odyssey.


Poppies: Assorted Finery from the First Psychedelic Age

Poppies is a journey through the outer reaches of obscure but brilliant psychedelic songs on this wonderfully crafted compilation from Craft Recordings.


Deerhunter's Transcendent Trajectory

Deerhunter's Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? and Cryptograms are antithetical twins -- shattered mirror images, whose fragments echo each other and reflect Deerhunter's beginnings of and return to inspired experimentation.


Weyes Blood Gets Cinematic on 'Titanic Rising'

Weyes Blood (a.k.a. Natalie Mering) conjures up a beautiful, cinematic world through with her insightful songwriting on Titanic Rising.


Jacco Gardner Turns His Psych Pop to the Night on 'Somnium'

Dutch multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner's wispy, pastoral psychedelia takes on a nocturnal edge on new album, Somnium.


Amo Amo Wants to Be "Closer to You" (premiere)

Jim James produces this young outfit Amo Amo, and their lead singer Love Femme delivers a remarkably enchanting video with "Closer to You".


Try a Little Sunshine: The British Psychedelic Sounds of 1969

The buzz remains strong with this third Grapefruit anthology of trippy British psychedelic pop.


Vacationer Sets an Easygoing Mood and Sticks With It on 'Mindset'

Vacationer's combination of yacht rock, breezy tropical influences, and easygoing R&B is a fun, lighthearted combination on paper.


The Tins Get a Little Help From Acclaimed Painter on "Hear Me Out" Video (premiere)

Indie rockers the Tins release "Hear Me Out" featuring a time lapse video of legendary visual artist Philip Burke working his magic on the group's new album cover.


Eldren Brings Shimmering Summer Vibes on "Still Want More" (premiere)

Eldren's "Still Want More" possesses a hip, danceable sleekness that perfectly captures the carefree bliss of the summer season.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra Go Full-on Psychedelic on 'Sex & Food'

Ruban Nielson and company dig deeper into psychedelia and mix up their sound on their fourth studio album Sex & Food.


Yuno Soars with His Psychedelic Pop on "Why For"

Yuno is sharing his new video "Why For" today, and it's a swirling pysch pop number with mesmerizing textures and soaring vocals.


Anton Barbeau Flirts With the Mainstream on 'Natural Causes'

Anton Barbeau polishes up the back catalog, calls on some heavy friends, and makes an album that's hard not to love.


Colatura Sounds Depression Alarm With "Afraid" (premiere)

Drawing on a range of influences from '50s female-fronted outfits to Manchester post-punk and all manner of noisy things, Colatura sounds both of and out of its time.


Grizzly Bear: Painted Ruins

Grizzly Bear returns with Painted Ruins, the band's best album to date.


Entrance: Book of Changes

Echoing the past can be more problematic than it is cool, a case made by the first Entrance release in a decade.


Country Fried Rock: An Interview with Golden Eels

Neil Golden played for bands ranging from Elf Power and Japancakes to Shonna Tucker and Eye Candy. His debut album as Golden Eels is Periscopes in the Air.


Counterbalance: Tame Impala - Currents

On Currents, Tame Impala hit upon a winning formula, moving seamlessly between electronic and organic, big ideas and bigger licks, pushed by an unstoppable rhythm.


Counterbalance: The Monkees' 'Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.'

This week's Counterbalance serenades the weekend squire who just came out to mow his lawn. A pop-psych delight, or the only choo-choo train that was left out in the rain the day after Santa came? Let's find out.


An Intimate Presentation of 'Supernova' with Ray LaMontagne: 2 May 2014 - New York

Grammy-winning, bearded folk singer Ray LaMontagne seemed to be quietly relishing his newfound, extroverted musical persona on stage at New York's Town Hall, even when words seemed to fail him.


Temples: Sun Structures

Throughout Sun Structures, Temples obsess over emulating their idols and many songs go by without a hint of originality. Yet, there is some fun to be had.


Connan Mockasin: Caramel

The sophomore album from New Zealand native Connan Mockasin spends too much of its 40-minute duration navel-gazing instead of turning up the heat. True to its title in most respects, the music of Caramel embodies a gooey, languorous quality that would benefit from the removal of any and all vocals.


Death By Chocolate: Bric-a-Brac

The mod/food obsessed collective's first album in ten years is nearly identical to their first two… And praise the spirit of Peter Sellers for that small miracle.


Pepe Deluxé: Queen of the Wave

An epic pop opera surf rock concept album of such grandiose ambition and intricate execution that it washes away all other contemporary attempts at character and fidelity. This is a "Beatles on Ed Sullivan" moment for the modern age.


Botany: Feeling Today

Botany offers a glimpse of the beats that lie ahead on an experimental and nostalgic EP.

Dominic Umile

The Clientele: Minotaur

Whether it is a last gasp from an unusually consistent band, or merely a palate-clearing exercise pointing the way towards a perhaps more experimental direction to be found on a follow-up LP, Minotaur is buoyed by an excellent front half and a less stellar back end.


Toro Y Moi: Causers of This

There isn't anything about Causers of This that suggests a limit to Toro Y Moi's propensity to experiment, and this is always a good thing.

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