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The Budos Band Prove They Are Not 'Long in the Tooth'

The Budos Band are more ferociously funky than ever with their 15th-anniversary album, Long in the Tooth.


JD Simo's Psychedelic Soul in Spotlight With "One of Those Days" (premiere)

Jack White/Luther Dickinson collaborator, JD Simo delivers the trippy, soulful, and emotional "One of Those Days" about the importance of perseverance.

Jedd Beaudoin

Monophonics Are an Ardent Blast of True Rock 'n' Soul on 'It's Only Us'

The third time's the charm as Bay Area soul sextet Monophonics release their shiniest record yet in It's Only Us.


Swamp Dogg Returns With Joyful Noise on 'Sorry You Couldn't Make It'

Legendary psychedelic soulman Swamp Dogg reinvents his aesthetic or perhaps pulls back the layers to expose what he's been all along on Sorry You Couldn't Make It.


Counterbalance No. 6: Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On'

Marvin Gaye's What's Going On has been called the greatest soul album of all time. But is it truly "right on"—or maybe a little bit "jive"? Counterbalance’s Mendelsohn and Klinger find out what's happening, brother.


Chapter One of Curtis Mayfield's Solo Career Gets a Much-Needed Makeover

Rhino has remastered Curtis Mayfield's first four albums, a politically conscious, progressive-soul tetralogy that has stood the test not just of time but also changing tastes and fashions, and come out sounding stronger than ever.


Curtis Harding - "It's Not Over"

Atlanta psychedelic soul singer Curtis Harding is sharing his first new music since last year's brilliant LP Face Your Fear.


Kadhja Bonet Never Lets a Genre Tie Her Down on 'Childqueen'

Kadhja Bonet carefully chooses how much of her the world can know. In doing so, she remains weightless, an artist ephemeral, even as her genre-resistant music makes a serious sonic impact.


Janelle Monáe Is Still Mostly Electric on 'Dirty Computer'

Even with its shallow letdowns, Janelle Monáe's Dirty Computer succeeds overall because it mostly delivers the same elements that made the Metropolis lineage soar.


'Chocolate Cities' Draws New Maps of Black American Life

A classic Parliament track inspires a new look at how black Americans moved, made connections, and created a nation-within-a-nation.


Curtis Harding: Face Your Fear

Curtis Harding vocalizes with a poignant ache that says more about the human condition than mere words can say.


Back to Living: Curtis Mayfield and the Making of 'New World Order'

Curtis Mayfield penned many of the songs that would become anthems for the civil rights movement. Later in life, however, he would face different challenges, as documented on his heroic 1996 album New World Order.

Dean Van Nguyen

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