Amplify: Graphic Narratives of Feminist Resistance

The juxtaposition of the comics and their prose-only afterwards in Amplify are intriguing, but the result is a surprising undercurrent of mistrust in comics to represent history independently of traditional scholarly apparatus.


Environmental Activist Bill McKibben On How Civility, Humor, and Soul Music Is Essential to Resistance

Talking with PopMatters about his recent environmental-themed novel, Radio Free Vermont, McKibben brings joy to the seriousness and hope to the every day.


The Working Class Awakens: 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' and the Birth of the Multitude

In Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi, politics becomes class politics. More explicitly, The Last Jedi is about working-class resistance.


'Lovers At the Chameleon Club' and the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Lou Villars is a French athletic champion -- and a spy for the Nazis.


Resistance 2

To save the human race, Nathan Hale has to become more and more Chimeran and he knows it. But that's okay -- he's Bruce Willis from Die Hard 4 with a death wish.

Darwin Hang

Resistance: Fall of Man

The real reason the aliens are ugly? Because it's easier to kill something once you dehumanize it.

Darwin Hang

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