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Black Diamond Queens: African American Women and Rock and Roll (excerpt)

Ikette Claudia Lennear, rumored to be the inspiration for Mick Jagger's "Brown Sugar", often felt disconnect between her identity as an African American woman and her engagement with rock. Enjoy this excerpt of cultural anthropologist Maureen Mahon's Black Diamond Queens, courtesy of Duke University Press.

Maureen Mahon

The Claudettes Celebrate Love and Solitude With "24/5" (premiere + interview)

Eclectic Chicago quartet, the Claudettes, return with High Times in the Dark, which spotlights their musical ferocity and flexibility. Hear the new single "24/5".


Counterbalance No. 8: The Rolling Stones - 'Exile on Main St.'

In 1972, the Rolling Stones were holed up in a rickety mansion in the South of France, writing an epic love letter to American music. Counterbalance examines the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main St and separates the fever from the funk house—now!


Sam Doores Creates Dreamy New Orleans Music By Way of Berlin

The new solo album by the Deslondes' Sam Doores is a beguiling brew of old rock 'n' roll and New Orleans R&B, with a hint of Berlin experimentalism.


Mike Zito Taps Walter Trout For Cover of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" (premiere)

Blues rocker Mike Zito pairs with axeman Walter Trout for an incendiary version of Chuck Berry's seminal rock 'n' roll song, "Johnny B. Goode".


The Astronots Explore the Future Through "Wandering Eyes" (premiere + interview)

Niko Giaimo and Allee Futterer are spreading their wings as co-founders of the Astronots, a Los Angeles-based rock outfit that sounds like a blast from the past going back to the future.


Bar/None Records Deliver Important Entries Expanding Alex Chilton's Legacy and Catalog

The exploration of Alex Chilton's recording career and legacy is expanded by Bar/None Records' dual release of From Memphis to New Orleans and Songs from Robin Hood Lane.


The Yawpers' 'Human Question' Is One of This Year's Most Accomplished Releases

The Yawpers give themselves a big head start as contenders for best rock and roll record of the year with Human Question.


How Tami Neilson Left Canada for Love and Became a Singing Sensation in New Zealand, Then the World

Tami Neilson's SASSAFRASS! is an unexpected delight that speaks to the climate of feminism in 2018. The extraordinary singer tells us about her experiences in this new interview.

Jedd Beaudoin

Tami Neilson Is Woke on 'SASSAFRASS!'

SASSAFRASS! is a sly act of subversion as Tami Neilson's vocals and lyrics are unapologetic as she confidently calls for equality.


Tami Neilson Takes on Sexism with "Stay Outta My Business" (premiere)

Rock 'n' soul singer extraordinaire Tami Neilson shares a powerful song of female empowerment with "Stay Outta My Business".


Johnny Cash Poems, Lyrics Set to Music in Multi-artist 'Forever Words' Album

Forever Words brings together across 16 tracks a remarkably diverse gathering of artists, from peers and close friends Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson to family members including Rosanne Cash and Carlene Carter.


Revisit 1960s Columbian Rock 'n' Roll with Los Yetis' 1966 Debut

A reissue of one of Colombia's most important rock and roll groups brings warmth, nostalgia, and fresh garage rock vibes.


Lara Hope and the Ark-Tones: Love You to Life

Winner of the 2017 Ameripolitan Music Award for Best Rockabilly Female stakes her claim with her band on accomplished new set.


Various Artists: Jesus Rocked the Jukebox: Small Group Black Gospel (1951-1965)

This stellar anthology offers a spiritual journey into not just the soul but the very heart of rock 'n' roll's origins.


Pearl Reaves and Her Retro R&B: The Magical Obscurity of the Working Artist

A generically labeled 45rpm leads to unforeseen connections between an illegal squat, a ramshackle used record outlet, and an obscure R&B outfit that eventually lands at the Mount Olive Temple of Christ in Dorchester, Massachusetts.


Flamin' Groovies: Fantastic Plastic

Reuniting the classic Groovies front line of Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson for the first time in nearly 40 years, Fantastic Plastic shows the duo and the band to have lost nary a step in the intervening decades.


Chuck Berry's Defiant, Ground-Shaking Rock

The late Chuck Berry's biggest hit may have undermined one of his greatest talents: his gift for storytelling.


Scott H. Biram: The Bad Testament

Scott H. Biram is a filthy-ass peacock in full bloom on this record, kicking arse and not even bothering to take names.


Ex-Cult: Negative Growth

Negative Growth is the crown jewel of Ex-Cult's trifecta of LPs on In the Red Records.


Ramones: Ramones (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

Divided we stand four decades since this legendary masterpiece was born. Even from their graves, the Ramones’ timing remains impeccable.


Counterbalance: Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison

This week, we're stuck in Folsom Prison, and time keeps draggin' on. Actually it went by pretty fast as we listened to the 157th most acclaimed album of all time. Do the roots of roots music start here?


The Fluke That Wasn't: Reconsidering the Success of Ray Charles' Country Music Landmark

How did Ray Charles become a key face and voice for country music in the '60s?


Brian Setzer: Rockabilly Riot! All Original

It's a fine line between "retro" and "novelty", but no one walks it better than Brian Setzer.


Black Lips: Underneath the Rainbow

Uneven and unhinged fun from the Atlanta mad men.


The Men: Tomorrow's Hits (take 2)

A big hearted bear hug of rock' n’ roll, country and classic rock.


Elvis Presley: I Am an Elvis Fan

By voting on their dream mixtape, Elvis fans got a chance to tell the rest of us why Elvis is so great. They blew it.


Little Richard: Here's Little Richard

Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti" stakes its claim as the beginning of rock 'n' roll.


The Gallantiers: Red in Tooth & Claw

Rock 'n' roll ain't dead; you're just asleep.


Low Cut Connie: Get Out The Lotion

Low Cut Connie: Band of action.

Jedd Beaudoin

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Most Infamous Snubs

Fans have made a strong case for the following bands and artists who weren’t nominated this year and aren’t in the hall of fame yet.


Esquerita: The Other Originator of Rock 'n' Roll Camp

This ultimate "odd man out" Esquerita -- gay, black, bizarre-looking, and crazy-playing rocker -- was pushed into the shadows beyond the bright lights of Little Richard.


Little Punk Babies

As Evelyn McDonnell's new book illustrates, motherhood should be neither something done on the side, nor something that pushes everything else away, and it's that balance that our culture and government can be striving for.


Motorhead: 2-Disc Deluxe Expanded Editions

By the mid 1980s, Motorhead's definitive records were behind them, but these satisfying efforts assured that the band would be rock-and-roll elder statesmen rather than has-beens.

Doug Sheppard

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