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The Moving Pixels Podcast 'Reigns'

Reigns reduces politics to a left or right swipe.


The Moving Pixels Podcast Plumbs the Depths of the 'Darkest Dungeon'

Darkest Dungeon reveals how penalties and pain can became a source of twisted pleasure in video games.


Dying Is Painful, But Also Noble in 'Darkest Dungeon'

We’re not struggling to survive just to survive. Our survival is a righteous act of defiance against evil incarnate.


'The Flame in the Flood': Gaming As Naturalism, Gaming As Romanticism

The Flame in the Flood provokes musings on the often troubling determinism of American naturalism.


'The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth': Our Ongoing Love Affair with the Twisted Mind of Edmund McMillen

The evolution of this game corresponds to the core idea of Isaac himself, a steadily growing monstrosity that becomes continually more twisted and more interesting with each gross addition to itself.


'Darkest Dungeon', a Masochist's Dream

For as much as you level up in Darkest Dungeon, you will also level down. This is not power fantasy. This is a fantasy of cruelty and self inflicted pain.


'Runers': What's My Motivation?

Shoot better and better and better. Then, shoot some more.


'FTL' and the Failure of Text Narratives in Roguelikes

While it is possible for a roguelike to tell a story, textually based narratives are a burden to the genre.

Erik Kersting

Moving Pixels Podcast: Inheriting Work in 'Rogue Legacy'

Rogue Legacy may have more to say than its seemingly retro mechanics and retro aesthetics imply. This week we talk about the game and the implications of its economic systems and financially motivated play.


Moving Pixels Podcast: Spaceships and Sadism, The Universe of 'FTL'

This episode of the Moving Pixels podcast explores what FTL so cruelly does to us and considers whether this is a universe too arbitrary to be fair to its players.


Frantic Frigates

Death on the high seas here is very, very cheap, but persistence is rewarded handsomely in Frantic Frigates as an anodyne to that very cheapness.

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