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Joe Fiedler Brings Together Jazz and 'Sesame Street' on 'Open Sesame'

The playful, daring trombonist Joe Fiedler combines his day job as music director/arranger for Sesame Street with his art. The result is joyful and bold on Open Sesame.


The Year In TV: November 2010

Continuing our look at the year’s most notable television events, here’s what happened in November 2010.


TV for Kids: Children Are Not to be Trusted, It Seems

Children's media is designed to educate and stimulate like never before... so why does it so often seem to come up short on imagination?


We All Know the Way to Sesame Street

In the 2008 presidential election, America crossed the Henson Point -- the point where we are a post-Baby Boomer society. The Rockist calls for a champagne toast.

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