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Powerful Testimonies and Unique Perspectives in 'PEN America Best Debut Short Stories 2019'

PEN America Best Debut Short Stories brings readers a dozen new voices and some relief, for a while, from the darkness of these troubled times.


Lee Martin's 'The Mutual UFO Network' Presents Twelve Graceful Measures in a Dark World

There are rare instances, no matter how experienced we might feel, when we encounter a short story collection of consistently strong, beautiful, breathtakingly tragic variations on a theme as captured by Martin here.


The Intimate Politics of the Female Self in Danielle Lazarin’s 'Back Talk'

The girls and women in Danielle Lazarin's debut short story collection deal with their desires, needs, and fears with vulnerability, suppressed anger, self-awareness, and self-denial.


Dark Desperation and Humor in 'The Price of the Haircut'

Parts Donald Barthelme, Richard Powers, and George Saunders, Brock Clarke has distinguished himself as a writer fully in control of his ideas.

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