Where's the Strong Woman in Netflix's Adaptation of 'Good Hunting'?

Contrary to the intention of Ken Liu's short story, "Good Hunting", Netflix presents a superficial arc of female empowerment, then allows animation and the role of male characters to undercut that message.


What Commands Your Behaviors? On 'Rule Makers, Rule Breakers'

In Rule Makes, Rule Breakers, Michele Gelfand gives many examples — both historical and contemporary — to prove how the customs that have shaped worldviews, behaviors, identities, and personal lives in any particular culture have originated from underlying perceptions of threat.


'The Storm' Brings Heart, Urgency, and Ambition

Spanning 60-some years, Arif Anwar's debut novel explores aspects of Bangladesh's history and how matters of race, religion, and nationality have shaped personal lives.


'Space Opera': A Galactic-scale Eurovision-style Life or Death Singing Contest

In Catherynne M. Valente's Space Opera, the Meaning of Life has a beat and, depending on your alien physiology, you might be able to dance to it.


'Born to Run': The Unfathomable Confessions of Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen's autobiography, Born to Run, is on a mission to deliver us into the paradox of holy terror.


Christopher Hitchens' Posthumous Anthology, 'And Yet...', and Yet There Is More

Why reprint what's already available, as done here, if a bounty of miscellanea is still uncollected?


Don't Sign the Lease Just Yet

The journey in Housebreaking is gripping even though the payoff is light.


A Child's Imagination, Unbound: 'Hollow Earth'

“Imagination can be a dangerous thing” when Barrowman siblings John and Carole unite to tell the first of what promises to become a series of adventures involving Animare, Guardians, and—caught between Good and Evil--Matt and Emily Calder, who may hold the key to the mysteriously malevolent Hollow Earth.

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