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Pre-Brexit Optimism in Basia's London Warsaw New York

Sophisti-pop singer Basia's 1990 album, London Warsaw New York, speaks to a friendly pop-globalism and the spirit of internationalism that would lead to the forming of the European Union in 1993.


Prefab Sprout's Audacious Pop of 1984-92 Is Illuminated on Four Vinyl Re-issues

On remastered and reconfigured versions of Prefab Sprout LPs Swoon, From Langley Park to Memphis, Jordan: The Comeback, and A Life of Surprises, songs involving a chess grandmaster, Springsteen, Elvis, Jesse James, God and Lucifer get a deserved new lease of life.


Joe Jackson Celebrates 40 Years of Music in NYC Homecoming Show

Veteran British singer-songwriter Joe Jackson performed songs from his catalog and new album Fool.


Swing Out Sister: Album by Album Guide

Swing Out Sister's Corinne Drewery guides us through 30 years of the enduring, poly-genre duo's work.


101 Influences and Inspirations Inform Swing Out Sister's 'Almost Persuaded'

Almost Persuaded is a sweet and luxuriant confection. It conjures the feeling of white-hot days spent sunbathing and lying by the sea, followed by neon-lit nights of romance and intrigue, and it couldn't be more suited to a summer release.


The Monochrome Set Stay a Very Strange Course on 'Maisieworld'

The indie pop legends' late-period resurgence continues with a strange record seemingly built to please die-hards and slightly confound everyone else.


Rhye - "Count to Five" (Singles Going Steady)

Soft R&B grooves sneak up on you with subtlety on Rhye's "Count to Five", a low-key jam that isn't too summery but still offers some hope for the end of winter.


Rhye's 'Blood' Offers Fleshy Pleasures and Not Much More

After Woman reintroduced smooth, raw sexuality to indie pop, Michael Milosh returns five years later with new collaborators and an aim to further explore the sonic territory of his previous work. The same pleasures are there, but they feel more hollow the second time around.


Looking for the Girl That Meets Supply with Demand: ABC's 'The Lexicon of Love'

“Martin, maybe one day you’ll find true love." ABC's sumptuous critique of romance is a masterful blend of disco, New Wave pop, and golden age Hollywood glamor.

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