Tipping the Swear Jar: How mewithoutYou Used the F-Bomb to Say More Than the F-Word

Lyricist Aaron Weiss of post-punk Christian band mewithoutyou used the F-word in a song and it got banned from radio and the album got pulled from record stores. Meanwhile, his fans ponder his parodying of cultural mores.


Félicia Atkinson's 'The Flower and the Vessel' Focuses on Small Gestures​

Experimental composer and French poet Félicia Atkinson creates The Flower and the Vessel "with pregnancy", using small gestures to explore questions of ontology and becoming.


Dr. Timothy Leary's 'Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out' Soundtrack Receives an Enlightening Kaleidoscope Vinyl LP Reissue

A special limited reissue LP on kaleidoscope vinyl reveals the historical relevance of Dr. Timothy Leary's takes on philosophy, existence, and life in the 1960s, for the "soundtrack" to the indeterminable film Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.


Akua Naru Celebrates the Blackest Joy with new LP (album stream)

Akua Naru's new LP, The Blackest Joy, highlights a collage of hopes, history, and fears at a deeply tumultuous moment in history.

Jedd Beaudoin

Mood Music for Ursula K. Le Guin Lovers

Ursula K. Le Guin's Music and Poetry of the Kesh brings speculative fiction world-building to a whole new level, in the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien's expansive Middle Earth mythos.


Vision Quest: Poet and MC Azeem On His Latest Work, 'Vision Teller'

Azeem returns to his roots of poetry to deliver Vision Teller, a collection of spoken word pieces that hum with the silk-spun lyricism of a speakeasy street poet.


Étant Donnés with Michael Gira - Offenbarung und Untergang (Review)

In 1999 Swans' Michael Gira paired with Étant Donnés for an album of the spoken word poetry of Georg Trakl mixed with ambient noise. Offenbarung und Untergang is now available again as a new re-issue.


Come to Dada: Maestro Gamin's Hip-Hop Surrealism

Maestro Gamin's surreal and irregular grooves court hip-hop culture as much as they do jazz, his music transmitting from some Dadaist aperture of sound.


Spoken-Hearted: An Interview With OVEOUS

Finding a softly sensual counterpoint to the minimal robotic grooves, rapper OVEOUS employs a haunting and hot-blooded practice in humanizing the machine.


Shane Koyczan: Silence Is a Song I Know All the Words To

Whether or not you like this disc is going to hinge upon how you feel about spoken word/slam poetry.


Kate Tempest: Everybody Down

Confounding yet worthy of recognition, Everybody Down is a sound, if imperfect, effort.


Forgotify Rises to the Challenge of Spotify

Forgotify serves as an entry into an internet wormhole, into the many songs that streaming listeners forgot, and it shows us a lot about our habits in the process.


McGough & McGear: McGough & McGear

This 1968 album of psychedelic rock and folksy poetry became a collector's item due to its rarity and long list of celebrity contributors. What happens when you strip away that mystique with a reissue?


William Shatner: Seeking Major Tom

Seeking Major Tom is a sleek dog that's fallen in the swimming pool and doesn't deal well with the extra weight. It stumbles awkwardly around the kitchen knocking over chairs, stopping every once in a while to shake its paws miserably.


Brian Eno & Rick Holland: Panic of Looking

From the sessions that brought you Drums Between the Bells comes more frustratingly aloof music and poetry from Eno and Holland.


Brian Eno: Drums Between the Bells

This hybrid of music and poetry is frustratingly detached, adding color to absent ideas. It's safe to say that your spine will probably not shiver.


Nothing's Shocking: An Interview With Lydia Lunch

As Lydia Lunch -- No Wave pioneer, Teenage Jesus frontwoman, and life-long provocateur -- sees her landmark tell-all book Paradoxia get re-published for the first time in over a decade, she talks with PopMatters about breaking taboos, rocking out, and knowing how to push everybody's buttons.

Drew Fortune

The Residents: The Voice of Midnight

It is in the ways that The Residents have changed the story of "Der Sandmann" that The Voice of Midnight most suffers.


soso: Tinfoil on the Windows

soso offers poetry, offset by stretches where he sings refrains in a strained, broken, awkwardly high tenor.

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