Taiwan's Mong Tong Concoct a Darkly Psychedelic 'Mystery'

Experimental Taiwanese group Mong Tong draw on mysticism and arcade games for their darkly psychedelic debut album Mystery.


MindMassage's "Sailing Away" Is a Late Summer Banger and Meditative Chillout (premiere)

The first taste from MindMassage's forthcoming album sees the Manchester producer building on a richly evocative sonic foundation with "Sailing Away".


Com Truise's Usually-Bright Synthwave Goes a Shade Darker on 'Persuasion System'

If Com Truise's Persuasion System has a theme, it's the confounding paradox of a planet that is simultaneously more connected than ever and yet fractured in so many ways.


'Sowas Von Egal' Shines a Spotlight on the Undergroud German Synthpop Scene of the Early '80s

The most interesting aspect of Sowas Von Egal is the tracks that focus on the rigid, guttural, tribal yet highly danceable electro-industrial sound that was exemplified by the German DAF and Belgian Front 242.


NightStop Goes Stop Motion With "Under a Killing Moon" (premiere)

Finnish synthwavers NightStop share a new video ahead of the US release of Dancing Killer on Friday.


Who Are Nipplepeople? A Mysterious Croatian Electropop Group

Who Are Nipplepeople? The masked duo behind a string of electropop hits in Croatia, 2009-2018. We survey the group's music.


​Hollywood Burns Offers a Taste of Upcoming Debut Album via "Scherzo no. 5 in Death Minor" (premiere)

Somewhere between Bernard Herrmann and Bonnie Tyler lies Hollywood Burns.


Scandroid - "Shout" (video) (premiere)

Hear Scandroid tackle a Tears For Fears classic in this video premiere.


Ford & Lopatin: Channel Pressure

A work of heroic heritage -- reorganizing an era that is too often dismissed as sterile.

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