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Three Doctors, One Special, and a Big (Blue) Box of Surprises!

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor leans towards the lighter side of the Whoniverse.


Paradise Who? 'Doctor Who: The Nightmare of Eden'

The story's anti-drug message pops up from time to time, but thankfully, it never devolves into a shot of the Doctor sitting on a stool and addressing the viewers at home.


What if the Gods of the Ancients were Actually Space Aliens? 'Doctor Who: The Face of Evil'

The Doctor knows Xoanon isn't a god, but he's still in awe of the power of creation. That middle ground seems a likely place for someone who knows the ins and outs of time and space.


It's a Triple Threat with 'Doctor Who: The Three Doctors'

There’s a degree of novelty to the idea, but a key part of the show’s longevity is the Doctor’s regeneration every few years.


Roll Away the Stone, If You Dare: 'Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen'

It’s great stories like this which lend credence to the old saw about British children watching Doctor Who from behind the couch.


'Doctor Who: The Sun Makers': Oppression of the Masses Is the Only Policy which Pays Dividends

With its portrayal of citizens beholden to tax-hungry bureaucrats, "The Sun Makers" might play well at tea party rallies.


'Doctor Who: The Awakening' Leaves You Wanting More

Clocking in at just two episodes, “The Awakening” never gets the chance to repeat itself or spin its wheels. Its brevity is its biggest liability.


Leave Your Guns in Space, Doc: 'Doctor Who: The Gunfighters'

Westerns are all about taming, civilizing, even controlling some great unknown, themes equally at home in science fiction, so this story’s failing isn’t in its playful genre-hopping


Faith Keeps them Safe in 'Doctor Who: Snakedance'

“It is all the dance,” Dojjen tells the Doctor. “To destroy the Mara you must find the still point.”


'Doctor Who: Kinda' Is Good... Kinda

Peter Davison was the fifth actor to play the Doctor, and the first to seem more like a cool older brother rather than a grandfather or, at best, a crazy uncle.


'Doctor Who: The Movie' Gives Viewers the All-American TARDIS

If you've ever wondered what an American version of Doctor Who would look like, well, here it is.


The Limits of a Time Lord are Discovered in Doctor Who: The Masque of Mandragora

Tom Baker’s performance is so effortless and strange that many scenes without him are forgettable. His performance is like the TARDIS -- it contains multitudes.


Doctor Who: The Complete Specials

This special -- like many that have come before -- suffers from the kind of frequent space-opera endings that have become Russell T. Davies' trade as of late.

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