Inventions' 'Continuous Portrait' Blurs the Grandiose and the Intimate

Explosions in the Sky and Eluvium side project, Inventions are best when they are navigating the distinction between modes in real-time on Continuous Portrait.


William Basinski Explores the Outer Limits on 'On Time Out of Time'

On Time Out of Time finds experimental artist William Basinski harnessing the energy of a cosmic event to produce the latest installment in his study on the concept of time.


The Life and Times of Cerberus Shoal

Underground experimental rock sonic adventurers Cerberus Shoal get a much needed re-release of their essential records through Temporary Residence.


In and Out of Sound: Exploring 'New Bodies' with Unlikely Tangents

From the Adirondacks to clouds of cosmic dust, "post-everything" band Tangents defy genres and conventions on New Bodies. The magic relies less on what they separate than on what they unite.


Beak's Third Album, >>>, Is Their Most Focused and Succinct Work Yet

Coupled with a sharper sound and stronger hooks, Beak's >>> stands as the band's most engaging album to date.


Tangents' 'New Bodies' Is Unlike Any Other Record You'll Hear This Year

Shapeshifting Sydney quintet Tangents burn the genre maps and follow their impeccable improv instincts on New Bodies.


Paul de Jong's 'You Fucken Sucker' Is Angry, Obscene and All Over the Place

The Books' Paul de Jong speaks through the voices of others with his ambitious and eclectic second solo effort You Fucken Sucker.


Eluvium: Shuffle Drones (album review)

Ambient composer Eluvium's Shuffle Drones reimagines a common feature in any modern music player.


Bonnie "Prince" Billy: More Revery

Long out-of-print set from Bonny (no "Prince" and note the different spelling of Bonnie here) Billy resurfaces in expanded form. It's Will Oldham sounding ferocious and loud. A welcome return.


William Basinski: Cascade

With a single endlessly echoing piano loop, aching yet serene, Basinski demonstrates the fluidity of music.


Ultraísta: Ultraísta

Ultraísta doesn't feel like a great record, it feels like a template for one.


Grails: Deep Politics

The instrumental stalwarts turn in a record brimming with ideas and dripping with atmosphere, as thrilling as their live shows.


Eluvium: A Change in Direction

“I definitely feel that one chapter has ended and another begun,” observes Eluvium’s Matthew Cooper as he takes a turn towards pop in his fifth album, Similes adding vocals, percussion and new sense of verse/chorus structure to his ambient soundscapes.

Jennifer Kelly

Eluvium: Similes

The addition of vocals only strengthens Similes, Eluvium's most perfectly beautiful album to date.

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