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The Green Pajamas: Death By Misadventure

With this album being one-half a concept suite and one-half a smattering of other non-related songs, coupled with some lousy production, it is a baffling release – though one that can be quite catchy at times.


The Green Pajamas: Ten White Stones

The Green Pajamas exist in a place where music meets art.

Jill LaBrack

The Green Pajamas: Through Glass Colored Roses: The Best of the Green Pajamas

The soft and breathy approach quickly starts to feel bland over the long haul, and there are times when you find yourself wanting to tweak the knobs in the studio and spice the songs up a bit.

Patrick Schabe

The Green Pajamas: The Carolers' Song

The Green Pajamas are in a unique class, effectively taking some of the more unused psychedelic pop flourishes and reclaiming them as their own.

Jason Thompson

The Green Pajamas: In a Glass Darkly

Seattle's The Green Pajamas should be near the top of any Most Underrated Band in America list.

Dave Heaton

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