Alone Together: Companionship in Single-Player Games

Is it silly, maybe even unhealthy, to expect genuine connection from fictional, artificial characters?

Boen Wang

Moving Pixels Podcast: Our Best Games of 2013

It was a year of good games, but was it a year of great games?


Joel and Ellie's War-Time Relationship in 'The Last of Us'

Joel and Ellie bond in battle, when they have a common enemy, but they naturally conflict with each other so much that it's unlikely their relationship can survive the peace.


'The Last of Us' and the Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future

On their journey, Joel and Ellie meet three sets of friendly people, and they all also represent the past, present, and future of Joel and Ellie.


An Exercise in Extinction

There is always this lingering hope of the survivors being able to rebuild or at least build something new in post-apocalyptic fiction. The Last of Us, though, seems to take a different view of the apocalypse.


'The Last of Us' is Emotionally Manipulative

The playwright, Jean Cocteau, said, “Emotion resulting from a work of art is only of value when it is not obtained by sentimental blackmail.” The Last of Us is an example of such a crime.


"We're shitty people, Joel."

We demand much from the world while rarely giving anything back. We steal from homes, we kill civilians, we decimate entire towns, and we break economies. We're gamers.


Moving Pixels Podcast: Another Day, Another Zombie Apocalypse

Another day, another zombie apocalypse. However, when Uncharted developer Naughty Dog is orchestrating that apocalypse, it may be worth taking a look at.


Finding Meaning in 'The Road' and 'The Last of Us'

These stories appear time and again because, perhaps now more than ever, we find in the complexities of our daily lives a desire to cut away the chaff, the politics, the trappings of modernity, and remind ourselves that below it all, there is something terrifying, inspiring, depressing, or hopeful within ourselves.

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