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The Minus 5 Check Into 'Stroke Manor'

Stroke Manor, the new album by Scott McCaughey's band, the Minus 5, is a testament to music therapy, and a rockin' good time.


John Wesley Harding: Video-making Man

John Wesley Harding teams up with Eugene Mirman for new video, "Sing Your Own Song", which spoofs a Paul Simon classic.


Steve Wynn IV Band + The Minus 5 + The Baseball Project: 11 September 2009 - Chicago

Accompanied by furious riffs and rhythms thick as pigskin, these are strong, contagiously seductive lines – though - a little out in left field.

Lisa Torem

The Minus 5: The Minus 5

Nobody celebrates life as a screw-up better than the Minus 5’s Scott McCaughey.


The Minus 5: At the Organ

The Minus 5 prove again that while you continually search for your new favorite pop band, you should just trust in the stamina of Scott McCaughey.

Jill LaBrack

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