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20 Questions: The Most Serene Republic

It's been a long six years since the Canadian nerd-rockers' last album (and first major one on their own), which is why they spend our 20 Questions talking about everything from Stravinsky to Deep Space Nine, Kid A to Royal Canadian Navy Ship's Team Diver Coveralls.


The Party of the Humans Has Left Us Hungover: An Interview with the Most Serene Republic

Ryan Lenssen nearly had his hands cut off, made his bandmates re-record the same album three times over, and says that their latest album wouldn't have been possible without the help of Ayn Rand.

Evan Sawdey

The Most Serene Republic: Population

A step forward for the young band that's previously been in the shadow of Broken Social Scene.


The Most Serene Republic: Underwater Cinematographer

The first Arts & Crafts signing without a member of Broken Social Scene delivers an intriguing debut album with influences worn conspicuously on its sleeve. However, it also includes some stunningly unpredictable moments.

Austin L. Ray

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