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'Zero Time Dilemma' Argues for the Necessity of Trauma

The structure of Zero Time Dilemma suggests that learning how to solve problems can only occur after having lived through suffering.


Complex Moral Choices Are Best Saved for the End

The kinds of choices that force us to define what we value and how a game is about what we value are best implemented at the end of that game.


Searching for Dramatic Stakes in 'The Wolf Among Us'

Episode four of The Wolf Among Us feels mostly unnecessary. Maybe this is a sign that Telltale should mix up their episodic structure some more.


More Thoughts on a More Complex Form of Moral Choice in Video Games

When we talk about video games, we don't seem to have the same understanding of "choice" as we do in other media or even in real life.


Moving Pixels Podcast: The Fairy Tale of the Economic Downturn

The Wolf Among Us explores a very real broken economy through the unreal lives of its fairy tale inspired characters.


Towards a More Complex Form of Moral Choice in Video Games: 'The Wolf Among Us'

Despite how it may look on the surface, The Wolf Among Us doesn't follow standard approach to morality in games exactly, but instead builds on the idea of options not being built on a binary system at all.


Moving Pixels Podcast: The Seamier Side of Fairy Tales

On this episode of the Moving Pixels Podcast, we explore just how bad we can make the Big Bad Wolf in The Wolf Among Us.


Illusions, Interactivity, and 'The Wolf Among Us'

Part of what makes a great game great is how well it fosters its own illusion.


The Horror of 'The Wolf Among Us: Smoke & Mirrors'

Smoke & Mirrors is a strange play experience: not particularly interesting mechanically and certainly not fun, but nevertheless unique and entrancing.


Hard Boiled Combat: Enduring the Quick Time Event

The Wolf Among Us's quick time events typify the hard boiled genre better than any elegant combat system would or than any analytically driven puzzle solving might. Moments less to be won than to be survived or endured.


Moving Pixels Podcast: Neon Noir Fairy Tales

Telltale Games returns with a game of choices and consequences, but this time out those hard decisions are embedded in the completely fantastic world of Fables, not the relative social realism of a zombie apocalypse.


'The Wolf Among Us' Builds a World in Four Buttons

The extent to which a story is interactive isn’t defined by how many buttons we press, but how important each button press is.


Bigby and Bitches: A Big Bad Wolf That Can't Bear Misogyny

The fantasy world of The Wolf Among Us allows for a wolf to actually respond to the demeaning quality of the word that humans so often use to define the females of his whole species. And unlike a lot of human beings, he seems pretty unhappy about it.


Playing Detective in 'The Wolf Among Us'

Telltale must walk a fine line between satiating their fan base and deviating enough from The Walking Dead so as to distinguish their newest title both thematically and mechanically.

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