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Peals Create Soundscapes Both Ambient and Edgy on 'Honey'

Peals' Honey, originally released in 2016, has found a new home on a different label, and an opportunity for reexamination.


Matmos' Drew Daniel Discusses Soft Pink Truth, Metal, and Trump

Drew Daniel: "Trump has weaponized a kind of insincere, smarmy trolling manner. I didn't want music that similarly relied upon that stance. I wanted something that was, in a way, the opposite. Something that felt affirmative and warm."


The Soft Pink Truth's Entrancing New Album Is a Stellar Change of Pace

Matmos' Drew Daniels rebrands his solo work to meet the trying times, offering up an ambient techno classic for the ages under his Soft Pink Truth moniker.


Jim White and Marisa Anderson's 'The Quickening' Takes an Experimental Journey

Avant-garde drummer Jim White and folk guitarist Marisa Anderson get together without rehearsing to see what happens on The Quickening.


Alison Chesley Toils in Human and Musical Connectivity on Helen Money's 'Atomic'

Chicago-based cellist, Alison Chesley (a.k.a. Helen Money) creates an utterly riveting listen from beginning to end on Atomic.


OOIOO Blast Out of Lengthy Hiatus with Brash and Beautifully Unpredictable 'nijimusi'

Revered experimental Japanese noise/punk/jazz band, OOIOO are back with a typically intense and brilliant new album, nijimusi.


Pop Meets Soul Meets Experimentation in Sequoyah Murray's Debut

Atlanta's Sequoyah Murray has delivered one of the best albums of 2019 with his extraordinary debut Before You Begin.


Beats, Glitches and Melody: Oval's 'Eksploio' Is a Rich, Modern Treat for the Ears

Electronic musician Markus Popp continues to make warm, creative and adventurous electronic music under the Oval moniker with his new EP, Eksploio.


'Little Common Twist' Is an Odd Thing of Pastoral Beauty from Charles Rumback and Ryley Walker

On their first collaboration since 2016, a meeting of experimental musical minds has produced an album full of quiet, off-kilter introspection.


Feeding the Machine: Emptyset Take a Bold Sonic Move with 'Blossoms'

Experimental electronic duo Emptyset make unrelenting noise on their latest project, Blossoms.


Lightning Bolt Are Back and As Loud as Ever on 'Sonic Citadel'

Lightning Bolt's Sonic Citadel is both punishingly noisy and, at times, surprisingly tuneful. People who are on Lightning Bolt's exceedingly loud, improvisational vibe will find plenty to like here.

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House and Land Breath New Life Into Folk and Ballad Songs While Honoring the Past

Folk duo House and Land's Across the Field is a collection of songs that consider historical context as much as modern relevance.


Dommengang Streamline Their Bluesy, Heavy-Guitar Sound with the Stunning 'No Keys'

The new album from the L.A.-based psych-rock trio Dommengang is a pummeling – yet smartly executed – riff-fest.


Fox Millions Duo Are 'Biting Through' Norms

Two great percussionists, Greg Fox and John Colpitts, come together as Fox Millions Duo in a work that expands the dimension of rhythm, revealing their ambitious scope.


Matmos Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary: An Interview with Drew Daniel

Drew Daniel of Baltimore-via-Bay Area pranksters Matmos discusses their new album Plastic Anniversary, homophobic Montana moms, and the difficulties of recording a breast implant.

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Matmos Arrive with an Arsenal of Plastic Sources on Their Anniversary

Experimental electronic duo, Matmos return after the exquisite Ultimate Care II with an etude on the various sounds that plastic materials can awaken.


Matmos - "The Crying Pill" (Singles Going Steady)

Here we are in 2019, and Matmos is still producing sounds that just don't fit comfortably into any electronic subgenre currently available for classification.


Elena Setién's 'Another Kind of Revolution' Is a Stirring Signal to Defy Gender Conventions

Elena Setién's Another Kind of Revolution conceptualizes transformation as rooted in empowerment. The album is a recognition of women and their ability to act as catalysts for a popular and personal insurgency.


Extreme Music Fiends ENDON Return with Another Chaotic Offering in 'Boy Meets Girl'

On Boy Meets Girl, Japan's ENDON carry down the same path of aggression tilting towards their hardcore-esque origins.


Sarah Louise Offers 'Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars'

Sarah Louise evokes the natural landscapes of meadows, ponds and woods. She connects the spiritual and the material in creative ways that suggest there is more out there than one can understand through thought alone.


Black to Comm Returns with an Immersive Ambient Work, 'Seven Horses for Seven Kings'

Sound artist Marc Richter produces a terrifying record in Seven Horses for Seven Kings by implementing elements of dissonance, off-kilter sampling, and intriguing sonic landscapes


Glenn Jones Continues to Plug Away, and We're Better for It

Former Cul de Sac leader Glenn Jones offers the world ten more American Primitive originals on The Giant Who Ate Himself and Other New Works for 6 & 12 String Guitar.


E Find Some Dark Places in Their 'Negative Work'

With entwined chaos and a compelling attack, E offers plenty of intensity to enjoy on Negative Work.


Sidi Touré Throws All of Himself Into the Ecstatic Desert Blues of 'Toubalbero'

Toubalbero expands the desert blues concept as Sidi Touré creates ecstatic compositions from familiar sonic elements.


Nature Howls on Sarah Louise's Immersive ​'Deeper Woods'

North Carolina singer-songwriter Sarah Louise wanders the vast open spaces of nature for a unique and magnificent record.


Experimental Artists YoshimiO, Susie Ibarra, and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe Join Forces on 'Flower of Sulphur'

Three unique experimental music minds meet for a powerful improvisational recital in Flower of Sulphur.


Oozing Wound: Earth Suck

Oozing Wound are bigger and badder on their sophomore effort, Earth Suck, which definitely has a spot among the best metal of 2014.


A Minor Forest: Flemish Altruism / Inindependence

A Minor Forest didn’t live long enough to see their craft surpass their inspiration, and for this reason their legacy is safer now than it was 20 years ago.


Brokeback - "Tonight at Ten/Tonight at Eleven" (video) (Premiere)

The video for "Tonight at Ten/Tonight at Eleven" captures what's organic about the post-rock genre that Brokeback leader Douglas McCombs helped to define.

PopMatters Staff

Now Hear This!: Thalia Zedek Band - 'Via' (album premiere)

PopMatters is proud to premiere Via, the latest from indie-rock all-timer Thalia Zedek and her band.


Brokeback: Brokeback and the Black Rock

Ten years have gone by and Brokeback has a new lineup. So why does it sound like nothing's changed?


Fennesz Daniell Buck: Knoxville

An experiment between experimental musicians? The trio sound like strange tinkers under power lines, cobbling together these songs under constant drone, wavering dissonance.


Sam Prekop: Old Punch Card

To his credit, Prekop knows when enough noise is enough.


Fred Anderson and Hamid Drake: From the River to the Ocean

A Chicago jazz vet surrounds himself with an eclectic mix of avant-garde musicians and post-rock types.


Fred Anderson and Hamid Drake: Back Together Again

Back Together Again finally documents an amazing working relationship between two friends and musicians.

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