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Not Where But When: Past and Future in Netflix's 'Dark'

The German-language sci-fi thriller Dark perfectly captures the unsettling experience of being trapped by history.


Doubling (And Tripling) Down On Time Travel in 'X-men Blue #16'

Even with a glut of time traveling shenanigans, the time-displaced X-men find a way to keep it interesting.


Yoshio Aramaki's 'The Sacred Era' Is Anything But a Heavenly Read

As much as I had hoped, Cloud Atlas, The Bone Clocks, or even 1Q84, The Sacred Era is not.


There Is No Coming of Age in 'Oxenfree'

Oxenfree argues that age doesn’t necessarily bring wisdom and that growing older doesn’t necessarily make us more mature.


Moving Pixels Podcast: Life Gets Stranger

With its third episode, Life is Strange gets a little bit stranger.


Moving Pixels Podcast: Coming of Age When 'Life Is Strange'

Time travelling and selfies are the central conceits of Life Is Strange.


'Man in the Empty Suit' Is a Baffling Read

Wha' the whatty-wha'-wha'? Shouldn't you be dead?


'The Philadelphia Experiment' Is So Bad It's Almost Good

If you're going to develop a drinking game around this film, don't make a rule about drinking a shot every time you see electroplasma effects on the screen or you'll be falling under the table before it's half over.


'Safety Not Guaranteed' Outshines Its Intriguing Premise

This is a charming gem that outshines its intriguing premise because the actors sell the material.


Alessi's Ark: Time Travel

The second album by indie-folk artist Alessi's Ark feels like a work-in-progress - but then so is the songstress herself.

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