Michelle Vezilj's Debut Song "Fire Goes to Die" Is Powerful (track review)

Michelle Vezilj's debut song "Fire Goes to Die" is about reclaiming power after a sexual assault and shifting the narrative from victim to victor.


Kinnie Starr - "I'm Ready" (track review)

Kinnie Starr's "I'm Ready" is about closure, moving on, and the good times to come.


Punch Brothers - "Like It's Going Out of Style" (track review)

Punch Brothers' "Like It's Going Out of Style" is the hushed final track on a relatively quiet but brilliantly composed collection of songs.


Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - "Blueberry Jam" (track review)

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's "Blueberry Jam" is a drug-induced, fruit-fueled criticism of the world we live in today.


Gregory Alan Isakov - "Chemicals" (track review)

True to Isakov's style, "Chemicals" is a penetrating narrative that explores the complexity of the human condition.


Haley Heynderickx - "Untitled God Song" (track review)

Haley Heynderickx's "Untitled God Song" objects to the single representation of God as white, male, and geriatric.


Helios - "Seeming" (track review)

Helios' "Seeming" is an ensnaring aural experience further enhanced by its visual presentation.


Father John Misty - "Date Night" (track review)

Josh Tillman's harrowing account of the hookup culture pronounced so profoundly in many of today's dating expenditures translates well into a funky piece of acid folk.


Pussy Riot: "Pong" / "Nightmares" (track review)

Just as tyrant and resistance – Putin and Pussy Riot – are locked in a seemingly endless game of Pong against each other, with acts of courageous defiance deflected by acts of brute tyranny.


Studio Killers - "Party Like It's Your Birthday" (track review)

Studio Killers' sexy, retro-futuristic paean to partying is pool party ready for the hot summer months ahead.


Rudimental Reminds There Is Sunshine in the World Somewhere on "These Days" (Singles Going Steady)

Is Rudimental's "These Days" the next great summer jam or is it just treacly sentimentality? Our writers debate...


Kyle Craft - "The Rager" (track review)

In the official video for Kyle Craft's "The Rager", the singer/songwriter brings a sense of poetic tragedy to an intoxicating folk ballad.

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