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Five Years' Moldering, Now

As in all the human rights violations going on at Guantánamo Bay, the US has, with Australia's help, betrayed its traditions of upholding civil and international rights to rationalise its (in)actions in David Hick's case.

Kathryn Hummel
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Bridesmaids Revisited

Take it from someone who knows, really knows; bridesmaiding is not glamorous work, but a hard slog at buffering the bride and groom in the social occasion war zone -- you are putting your body on the line.

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Reel Australia

Hummel used to dread, simply dread, Australian-made films. But a number of recently discovered intelligent, evocative films have her singing her creative countrymen's praises. Here are some movies you shouldn't miss.

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Little America's Term of Love

While peering 'down' at Australia from on-high (or rather, up north) through one's proverbial binoculars, one might get the impression this country is closer to North America -- perhaps uncomforably closer -- than mere geography might imply. Hummel hopes that is but a trick of the light... and other changeable circumstances.

Kathryn Hummel
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