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Tricky's 'Fall to Pieces' Lacks the Risk-Taking of his Early Work

Tricky's Fall to Pieces gives the impression of an artist struggling to sustain his vision, leaning on his collaborators to make up for the lack of it. Like on the last two albums, Tricky sounds too restrained here.


Glass Animals - "Your Love (Déjà Vu)" (Singles Going Steady)

British psych-pop band, Glass Animals' "Your Love (Déjà Vu)" is tasty for a minute or two, then curiously flavourless.


No-Man Finally Land Their Disco White Whale: An Interview with Tim Bowness

Nearly 30 years have gone into the making of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson's seventh album as No-Man, Love You to Bits. Bowness speaks with PopMatters about returning to the duo's electronic early days, and how Love You to Bits may be the Terminator: Dark Fate of No-Man albums.


FKA twigs Elegantly Explores Her Delicate Core on 'Magdalene'

Magdalene makes an unpredictable turn wherein FKA twigs traverses an introverted dimension of her vision through a minimalist perspective and a sense of controlled extravagance.


Banks and Zara Larsson Are Two Pop Performers You Must See to Believe

They may be as different as night and day, but California's Banks and Sweden's Zara Larsson had the same, successful effect on Denver-area crowds over a five-day span in September.


Blonde Redhead's Kazu Examines Her Life on Solo Effort 'Adult Baby'

On her first album independent of Blonde Redhead, Kazu Makino arrives at a new stage in life, one she examines with the curiosity of a beginner.


A Musical Chameleon: An Interview with Morcheeba

One year since the release of Morcheeba's Blaze Away, the band unleash a special edition full of remixes, which leads to questions of how their process works, how some songs got remixes and others didn't, and what the next 20 years of Morcheeba look like.

Jose Solis

Electro-Worldbeat's Azam Ali Shares Mesmering Video for "Phantoms" Ahead of New LP (premiere)

Electro/worldbeat singer, songwriter, producer Azam Ali steps out of Niyaz for a solo turn to pay tribute to '80s synthpop heroes on "Phantoms".


HÆLOS' 'Any Random Kindness' Comes Across As a Love Letter to the Planet and Humanity

Any Random Kindness finds HÆLOS expanding on their core sound while reminding themselves and the listener of just why they are such an exciting and intriguing outfit.


UNKLE's 'The Road: Part II (Lost Highway)' Is an Epic of Collaborators

As a vast collective of collaborators joins for spoken word, orchestral ballads, and nostalgic trip hop cuts, UNKLE's The Road: Part II (Lost Highway) compiles as many ideas as it does features.


Brooklyn Electropop Duo CLAVVS Announce EP 'No Saviors' + Share Stunning Title Track (premiere)

CLAVVS mix killer pop hooks with dance/hip-hop rhythms, Amber Renee's sublime vocals, and subtle electronics on their catchy new single "No Saviors".


Paved with Good Inventions: Norway's Anja Garbarek on Her Journey Back to Music with 'The Road Is Just a Surface​'

Just beneath Anja Garbarek's deceptively cool and composed music are the raucous emotions of a fevered storyteller, trying desperately to impart an often startling and vicious truth.


Neneh Cherry Teams Up with Four Tet for 'Broken Politics'

Neneh Cherry only emerges when she has something to say, granting an artistic purity to every release. Given these times, Cherry has a lot to say on Broken Politics.


Rachel Eckroth's "Strangest Dream" Enchants and Haunts (premiere + interview)

Featuring riveting guitar work from Derek Trucks, "Strangest Dream", culled from Rachel Eckroth's When It Falls, is a powerful introduction to singer-songwriter's diverse talents.


Garbage's 20 Years Paranoid Tour: Weirdos Take the Spotlight

Garbage brings a powerful female perspective 20 years on, in a show devoid of nostalgia and full of powerful messages.


CLAVVS "Lay Back" with Chill New Single (premiere)

Indie pop duo CLAVVS explore a collection of worldly influences with their laid-back new jam, "Lay Back".


Manes' 'Slow Motion Death Sequence' Is a Diorama of the Band's Existence

Norwegian art rock band Manes contemplate death and human existence on their electronica and trip-hop infused full-length Slow Motion Death Sequence.


Brits in Hot Weather #5: Sisteray, Alpines, RuthAnne, Inland, and the Run Up

In this edition we have swaggering rock 'n' roll from Sisteray, shadowy trip hop from Alpines, classy contemporary pop from RuthAnne, intricate ambient techno from Inland, and life-affirming pop-punk from the Run Up.


Swoone Take on Another Mission in Video for "The Bullet Never Kills" (premiere)

The video for the hauntingly beautiful "The Bullet Never Kills" provides the perfect entry point for Swoone's evocative, filmic take on '90s trip hop.


Morcheeba Celebrates the Hot British Summer with "It's Summertime" (video premiere)

On their latest single "It's Summertime", Morcheeba paired up with Lambchop's Kurt Wagner to pen the tune and it's a shiny, summery, pop number that evokes the warmth of this year's quite hot British summer.


Who Are Nipplepeople? A Mysterious Croatian Electropop Group

Who Are Nipplepeople? The masked duo behind a string of electropop hits in Croatia, 2009-2018. We survey the group's music.


sir Was: Digging a Tunnel

A hazy, hip-hop inspired album for the early hours that features moments of deep introspection from the impressive Joel Wästberg.


Archive: The False Foundation

Despite some exciting and vital moments, The False Foundation struggles to cohere into a cogent statement befitting of a legitimately scary political moment.


Dark Blue-Grey With Neon Pink Flashes: An Interview With Jon Hopkins

Transcendent electronic musician Jon Hopkins reflects on two decades of composition and collaboration and hints at what’s on the horizon.

A. Noah Harrison

Cloud Nine: Interview with Hælos

They broke on Soundcloud and are being hailed as a successor to the sound of trip-hop greats like Massive Attack. But HÆLOS are out to craft a legacy all their own.

Sara Rodrigues

Poliça: United Crushers

Poliça's third full-length is an understated take on their singularly dark synthpop sound.


Yasmine Hamdan: Ya Nass

Her narrators miss their lovers, they're sad about them, they're filled with longing.


Lilacs and Champagne: Midnight Features Vol. 1: Shower Scene

With Midnight Features Vol. 1: Shower Scene, the sample-heavy duo of Lilacs and Champagne prove that their one-of-a-kind sonic can function beyond the realms of the recording studio.


Snow Ghosts: And the World Was Gone

Snow Ghosts return with their And The World Was Gone EP,- a brilliantly moody slice of modern trip hop.


Bomb the Bass: In the Sun

Trying to adopt a more consistent sound throughout the record is a double-edged sword. It means that you can concentrate on what you do best, but, at the end of the day, it also means that’s all you have to play with.


Sister Crayon: Cynic EP

The Cynic EP tends to fire on all cylinders when it’s more musically upbeat and veers away from certain trip hop genre trappings.


Bomba Estereo: Elegancia Tropical

The band's star has risen thanks to their unique blend of cumbia-powered jams, electro-shimmering layers of sound and catchy riffs from the guitars and synths.


Wax Tailor: Dusty Rainbow From the Dark

Concept album by trip/underground hip and downtempo, hop. Leave that button alone, it works.


Neneh Cherry & The Thing: The Cherry Thing

Neneh comes full circle by returning, and embracing, her roots on this vital album.


Monica Lionheart: Indian Summer

These 11 songs are the stuff that sitting outside on a blanket staring at a starry sky are made of, winding their way into your cranium in beleaguering and subtle ways.


Poliça: Give You the Ghost

On this promising debut, the Minneapolis quartet (with the help of Gayngs producer Ryan Olson) puts singer Channy Leaneagh's emotional turmoil in the spotlight, then artfully blurs it.


Lilacs & Champagne: Lilacs & Champagne

Lilacs & Champagne have crafted what will likely stand out as one of 2012's best debut albums with their self-titled LP, mixing trip-hop beats, absurd samples, and an intriguing spy film atmosphere.

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