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Pink Martini's China Forbes Discusses New Songs Created in the Pandemic

Despite a global pandemic and a year of difficult unrest, Pink Martini's China Forbes soldiers on with her band's sharp eye for optimism and a newfound life mission.


Jazz's Kandace Springs Pays Tribute to 'The Women Who Raised Me'

Singer and pianist Kandace Springs tackles a dozen songs associated with her jazz vocal heroes, and the combination of simplicity and sincerity is winning.


'Piano Duets' Asserts Ella Fitzgerald's Interpretive Greatness

Though called "The First Lady of Song", Ella Fitzgerald is more lauded for her spectacular vocal sound than for her interpretations of lyrics, but a new reissue should help correct that understanding of her art.


Samantha Sidley Goes "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (premiere)

Jazz vocalist Samantha Sidley gives a fabulous performance with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" ahead of her New York City residency.


Svetlana Gets "Happy" with a Pharrell Williams Cover (premiere)

Singer Svetlana brings joy and jazz to a cover of Pharrell Williams' positive pop hit "Happy".


Jazz Singer Svetlana's Appreciation of the Silver Screen Continues With "Moonlight" (premiere)

Svetlana's acclaimed album Night at the Movies features music from some screen gems, including "Moonlight" from the 1995 film Sabrina.


Rachael & Vilray Update Swing-Era Music on Their Debut

Rachael & Vilray is an absolute reflection of the jazz era while also firmly integrating the sound and energy into the contemporary moment.


With 'Outer Song' GADADU Help Redefine Jazz in Contemporary Culture

The second album from the unique New York jazz/pop/soul outfit GADADU is an odd – and oddly inviting – collection of songs that combine old-school tradition with new ideas.


Sixty Years After 'Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely'

This latest release of Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely only reaffirms Sinatra's reputation as the most majestic vocalist of his time.


Luciana Souza Gets Highly Poetic on 'The Book of Longing'

Every line, every note of Luciana Souza's program of poetry turned into song as The Book of Longing is imbued with the power of feeling expressed through compression rather than explosion.


Cecile McLorin Salvant Sings with Control, Art, and Knowledge of Jazz Vocal History on 'The Window'

From a singer who sometimes does so much that it's too much, a set of duets with pianist Sullivan Fortner is the very best of her art.


Aretha Franklin Before She Was the Queen of Soul

The Columbia recordings of Aretha Franklin between 1960 and 1965 are not her best, but they show us an artist learning her craft and gathering the tools that would change American music.


Fay Victor's SoundNoiseFUNK Offers Up a New Kind of Jazz Singing on 'Wet Robots'

A consummate singer, Fay Victor, demonstrates that it is her right and ability to improvise freely, and in so doing she creates a potent connection with her band and her listeners.


Kurt Elling Summarizes the State of Jazz Singing on 'The Questions'

One of the best singers of the moment just happens to be singing jazz, or today's hybrid version of jazz. That is Kurt Elling.


Gregory Porter: Nat "King" Cole & Me (review)

With lush arrangements courtesy of Vince Mendoza, Gregory Porter shines on a tribute to one of his major influences Nat "King" Cole.


Counterbalance: Frank Sinatra - Songs for Swingin' Lovers

291st most acclaimed album of all time, you make me feel there are songs to be sung, bells to be rung and a marvelous fling to be flung. A pre-rock masterpiece is this week's Counterbalance.

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