Vol. 1

What’s So Smooth About the New Smooth Jazz?

What’s So Smooth About the New Smooth Jazz?

Recent work from a group of young musicians, beautifully represented by the new Supreme Sonacy from Revive Music, makes it cool again to put out jazz that wants to be popular.

Rabbit Rabbit: Rabbit Rabbit Radio, Vol. 1

Young Man: Vol. 1

Melrose Place: The Fifth Season, Vol. 1

An Auteur’s Touch of Evil

Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson: Drumlesson Vol.1

Superheroes Versus Comics

Sonny Rollins: Road Shows, Vol. 1

Juaneco y su Combo: Masters of Chicha Vol. 1

The Mod Squad: The Second Season, Vol. 1

The Black List, Vol. 1

Opio: Vulture’s Wisdom, Vol. 1


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