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Sorry Bamba: Volume One 1970 - 1979

It's starting to feel -- heady delusion -- as if the rest of the globe is going to be able to relive 1970s West Africa completely just by bouncing from label to label.


Randy Jackson: Randy Jackson's Music Club, Volume One

The American Idol judge's compilation plays it safe, but does enough to meet expectations.

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The Best Jazz of 2007

In spite of the perception of jazz as an increasingly niche market, the year's best show a style of music that remains ever youthful in its exploration of new territories, expanding its diversity and range of expression.

Will Layman

Various Artists: Never Lose That Feeling, Volume One

New shoegazers cover old shoegazers, but mostly without the shoegaze. What's the point?"

John Bergstrom

Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby: The New Mixes, Volume One

Bill Cosby has worn many hats in his decades-spanning career, but the one that will probably come as the biggest surprise is that of a jazz maestro.

Tim O'Neil

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